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When you hear about Bundaberg, you immediately think of great rum and beer. However, there's more to this Queensland city other than liquor. It's also home to several parks and beaches perfect for camping, plus, the amazing climate is a real plus for outdoor lovers who wish to explore the area. Unsurprisingly, this spot also calls for quality camping batteries as any camper will surely love staying a couple of days here. There are several battery stores in Bundaberg including the famous Battery World. Whether you're looking for Bundaberg car batteries, industrial AAA alkaline batteries, or lithium batteries for camping, you're sure to find one here. If don't want to be bothered looking for a physical store, you can always get your battery box from Outbax too.

Now, we all know that when it comes to outdoor use, it's usually a battle between AGM and lithium batteries. However, if you're an avid camper who wants to make the most out of your battery pack, it's always a better idea to go for a lithium battery instead, specifically a LiFEPO4. They have greater usable capacity ideal for off-grid camping and have a longer lifespan especially since they are deep-cycle batteries as well. LiFEPO4 batteries are significantly safer too with their built-in battery management system, protective features, and non-toxic components. 

Can You High Power Appliances With a Lithium Battery?

Yes! Portable lithium battery packs are designed to hold more power in a handy, lightweight unit great for use as a camping battery, caravan battery, or battery backup. Take note though, that if you want your lithium battery or LiFEPO4 to run larger 240V appliances, you will need a good inverter to pair it with. Another factor to look out for would be the battery management system. Does your BMS allow a current draw that is sufficient for operating certain equipment like a microwave or coffee machine? Lastly, the discharge amp rating of a battery plays a critical role in running appliances that demand a lot of power. If for example, your battery's BMS limits your battery's discharge amps to 50A, then you won't be able to run something that requires around 150A. Overall, a large portion of this would depend on how efficient your inverter is.

Are LiFEPO4 Batteries Worth It For Camping? 

If you're looking for a battery box in Bundaberg, you'll probably hear suggestions about getting a LiFEPO4. It's currently the best battery in the market in terms of structure, component, battery cycle, and performance. They say a single LIFEPO4 is as good as four lithium-ion batteries despite being 70% lighter than conventional batteries. These compact units have safe, stable chemistry that does not explode even when punctured, great for family camping and newbie campers. Most importantly, a LIFEPO4 has an integrated BMS which helps prevent common battery issues and they pack more power at a low discharge rate as well. It's definitely a bang for your buck especially if you camp out a lot. LiFEPO4 might be on the pricier side but when you look at it for the long-term, it's actually the most cost-effective battery type because of the lifespan and quality.

How Do I Choose An Inverter For My Lithium Battery?

Before buying an inverter to pair with your camping battery, know the sizes of appliances you'll be running off it first. Usually, inverter sizes range between 150W to 6000W, and ideally, you should get something that is at least twice the size of the total power you'll be drawing from it. This way, your inverter can effectively work within its capacity and there's less chance of it blowing fuses in case of a power surge. 

Note that there are two types of ratings in an inverter: a continuous and peak rating. The continuous rating pertains to the draw placed on your inverter for a longer period of time while the peak rating refers to the maximum load your inverter can handle within a shorter time frame. Also, if you plan on running sensitive electronic gadgets such as laptops, the best power inverter you could go for is a pure sine wave inverter as this supplies electricity which is considered better than what comes from your wall sockets at home. 

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If you're considering buying a LiFEPO4 for your next outdoor adventure, you might want to stop by our website for the best lithium battery packs. Aside from top-notch quality, our batteries are priced at a reasonable range, so make sure you don't miss out on a good deal. Outbax is accessible no matter where you are-you could be looking for batteries in Geelong, batteries in Launceston, batteries in Rockhampton, or even boat batteries and we still have you covered. We also have solar panels and inverter generators if you want an extra portable power source aside from batteries!

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