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A good part of Western Australia particularly Perth enjoys hot, dry summers and mild winter seasons. Because of this, solar batteries are quite popular in the area, especially for homes. Switching to solar power offers tons of benefits from having a renewable source of energy to cutting down your monthly electricity bills. Additionally, having a solar power system increases the value of your home and offers a cost-effective way of helping the environment as well. This is why more and more people are using them as house batteries, and sometimes even as camping batteries

How Much Does a Home Solar Battery Cost?

Solar batteries are mostly on the expensive side, ranging from $2,000 to $15,000 depending on the size and model you choose. Usually, residential solar batteries incorporated in a solar panel setup incur an additional $7,000 to $14,000 just for the installation. While there are other battery types in the market that are significantly cheaper compared to this, they are usually not efficient and long-lasting enough to power your home in case of a power outage. Plus, solar batteries may require a hefty upfront price, but the long-term costs it will save you in terms of electricity will make up for it and even surpass it.  

There are various factors affecting the price of these solar-powered battery packs as well. One is the manufacturer. Currently, some of the most expensive solar home batteries would be from the German manufacturer, Sonnen. Some of their batteries for sale even retail for up to $30,000! Another would be the Tesla Powerwall, which costs around $14,500. Battery chemistry also impacts its price. House batteries can be lead-acid or other battery types but if you're after unrivalled quality, LiFEPO4 would be the best, although the priciest too. Next, consider your energy requirements, how long you will need it, and the storage capacity of your solar battery. This will determine how many batteries you need and how much the total cost will be, including the installation.

Is It Worth Getting a Solar Battery For Home?

Getting a solar battery is definitely an impressive upgrade to your home. However, since they can be costly, you need to determine first if the purchase will be worth it. As modern and efficient as they are, not all homes or power needs require a solar battery-sometimes you can actually go for a less expensive one. If you're looking to be energy independent, a solar battery makes a good investment. Same as when you live in an area that offers renewable energy rebates such as in Queensland, where residents have access to interest-free loans and financial assistance that allow them to set up a solar battery and pay in instalments. On the other hand, opting for a solar battery when you live in an area that is not exposed that much to the sun may not be worth it. Also, if you are planning to save up quickly, this may also not be your best pick. Solar panels are cost-effective, but it can take years before you get back the total cost you paid for when you first purchased and installed your battery.

How Many Solar Batteries Are Needed to Power a House?

If your solar panel and solar battery are large enough, it is possible to run a home on solar power alone. On average, households can limit their electrical consumption to 5kwh to 6kwh per day. With this estimate, you can likely run your most essential electronic devices for about a day or two. Usually, you would need to pair your solar battery with a solar panel in order to extend the overall time you can use solar energy to run your appliances. In terms of how many solar batteries you will need, this will depend on a lot of things including power usage, timeframe, and battery specifications. 

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Thinking of getting a solar battery in WA? Make sure you consider your location first. In terms of the city, solar batteries in Perth are most common so if you’re planning on living there or are already residing there, buying one is most likely a good idea. If you’re looking for other battery types like lithium batteries in Western Australia, there are a lot of battery shops available as well, such as Century Batteries Western Australia branch. Prefer online or looking for solar batteries in Melbourne, perhaps? Go to Outbax. You will find there not just quality, affordable batteries, but also other power source options including inverter generators, various types of solar panels like fixed solar panels and flexible solar panels, and even power stations.

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