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Solar Panel Mounting Kit

Solar panel installation requires not just quality solar panels but also good solar panel accessories, such as solar panel mounting kits. The good thing about a solar panel mounting kit is that almost everything you need to fix your solar panels in place is here, reducing both time and effort on your end.  Read more

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4pcs Solar Panel Mounting Kits Z Style Brackets

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  • 4pc Solar Panel Brackets
  • Lightweight Aluminum corrosion-free construction
  • Simpe design and convenient to install
  • Ideal for mounting to recreational vehicles or boats
  • Includes stainless steel nuts and bolts
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1 product fitting your needs

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Solar panel installation requires not just quality solar panels but also good solar panel accessories, such as solar panel mounting kits. The good thing about a solar panel mounting kit is that almost everything you need to fix your solar panels in place is here, reducing both time and effort on your end. 

The inclusions in a solar panel mounting kit vary depending on your provider. Some include brackets, nuts, and bolts, while others have extra items that come with them. Just like when choosing solar panels, buying solar panel mounting kits should always be done with extra consideration for quality. You want them to be sturdy in order to hold your solar panels effectively and also to be able to withstand harsh weather conditions.

What Types of Solar Setups Use Solar Panel Mounting Kits?

Roof Mounts 

This is the most common and economical way of solar panel mounting. The good thing about this is that once you have successfully fixed and tested them, there's not much left for you to do. However, you might encounter disadvantages in maintenance, since these kinds of setups are usually high up and hard to reach. This one requires durable solar panel mounting brackets to ensure that they will not fall off, especially during extreme weather conditions. 

Roof mounts can either be fixed, with tilted legs or ballasted. Fixed roof mounts are exactly what the name says—these are set solar panels angled toward the sun. When correctly placed, this will be able to provide you with sufficient solar energy. Mounts with tilted legs, on the other hand, are used if your roof isn't quite angled in a favourable direction and might require more tools aside from solar panel mounting kits.

Ballasted roof mounts are done by drilling a bunch of holes into your roof and using ballasted or zero penetration mounts to install your panels. These are more ideal for large-scale systems, especially those with flat rooftops. 

Ground Mounts

Ground mount roof systems offer a lot more flexibility both in terms of installation and maintenance. This either uses fixed or flexible solar panels and can be installed just about anywhere on your property. It also requires a smooth surface, so usually, you need to have your chosen surface cemented for your solar panels to rest safely.

This type of mount can be classified into fixed or pole mounts. Fixed ground mounts pretty much have the same setup as fixed roof mounts, while pole ground mounts will have your individual solar panels placed on poles planted firmly on the ground. This is mainly beneficial for peak performance, as it allows each panel to be precisely angled towards the sun.

What is the Importance of Solar Panel Mounting Kits?

Aside from stability, good quality solar panel mounting kits play a role in the maintenance and efficiency of your solar panels too. A perfectly mounted set of solar panels (in the right angle) means maximum sunlight absorption, which translates to more usable energy that you can bank on your solar battery. 

Backing your panels with solar panel mounting kits also provides added durability, especially if you're using RV solar panels which can be subject to different weather conditions depending on where you choose to go camping. Mounting your solar panels allows them to be adjusted optimally based on seasons and time of the day for maximum returns. 

Overall, mounts and racking account for about 10% of the cost of an entire solar system depending on the type of equipment and labour costs you incur. The most common tool used for this are mounting brackets. These are suited for heavy-duty applications and are constructed from stainless steel or aluminium for guaranteed long-lasting use. 

Where To Buy Solar Panel Mounting Kits?

If you're looking for solar panel mounting kits, these can usually be found at your nearest camping store or any shop specialising in solar essentials. Prefer online shopping? Visit Outbax for a range of solar panel accessories including mounting kits!

Our available solar panel mounting kits include mounting brackets and stainless steel nuts and bolts. You can choose whether you want an 8-piece solar panel mounting kit too or just the 4-piece one. These are all designed for easy installation and are ideal for use on RVs or boats—perfect for adventurers! All of our mounting accessories are corrosion-resistant too, so there is no need to worry about rainy days and long years of use. 

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Need more accessories aside from solar panel mounting kits? No problem, Outbax has you covered. We have solar regulators and even solar installation cables here! The best part is that they retail for affordable prices to accommodate those who are on a budget. 

Here at Outbax, our prices may be lower than usual, but you don’t have to worry about quality. We have hundreds of happy customers who have shared their experiences with our products, which you can check out in the reviews section. 

You’d be thrilled to know that we offer other outdoor gear aside from camping solar panels. While searching for your solar panel mounting kits, why not take a look at our inverter generators and LiFePO4 lithium batteries too? You might just find something to pair those solar panels with!

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