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Lithium Battery Pack Camping

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A good power source makes all the difference in camping trips. Aside from keeping you comfortable, it adds security knowing that you can run anything you might need such as heaters, a fridge, and maybe a microwave oven to warm your meals. Batteries are one of the most common ways to power your camping adventures. They come in different types with pros and cons for each type, so it's essential that you know exactly how much power you need, how long you will need it, and where you will use it. 

What Is the Best Portable Battery for Camping?

There are three common types of batteries you can choose from when going on outdoor trips: lead-acid, AGM, and lithium batteries. Lead-acid batteries have made a name ever since, although with the emergence of new technology in batteries, this type is considered to be the least effective in terms of performance. While they are easy to find, the low energy storage capacity and regular maintenance needed may offset their accessibility. AGM or Absorbed Glass Mat Batteries are more popular in the marine industry. These are more efficient than lead-acid and hold more power as well, although they require charging at only 80% discharge level. Also, they tend to have energy issues in the long run and are sensitive to overcharging.

Lithium battery is considered the future of battery technology. Specifically, the LiFEPO4 or lithium iron phosphate battery is being more recognised lately because of its ideal overall construction. Now, these are different from lithium-ion batteries in terms of cell construction. Lithium batteries have a shelf life of up to four times longer, and LiFEPO4 is solid proof of that. This rechargeable camping battery can last you up to a decade with proper usage. Designed for maximum safety, it has a built-in battery management system (BMS) to control usual battery issues and risks like overheating, overvoltage, under-voltage and short circuits. A LiFEPO4 also packs higher capacity and can be discharged up to 80%.

There are other simpler camping power packs to choose from as well. Some of these are power banks and power stations. Power banks are handy and can even fit in your bags. They are mostly used for gadgets like phones, tablets, and laptops. A portable power station, on the other hand, works like an inverter generator without the fuel-you simply have to plug in the equipment you have to run.

What Is a Leisure Battery?

Leisure batteries are made with longevity as the top priority. These batteries boast great capacity and can supply a stable flow of power over an extended period of time. You seldom need to recharge a leisure battery, which makes it ideal for off-grid camping or as a caravan battery. If you want to stick to lithium, there are lithium leisure batteries too. Taking all ideal battery attributes into consideration, this is by far the best camping lithium battery you can take to the great outdoors, particularly if it's a LiFEPO4. It's safe, stable, long-lasting, and lightweight-you won't have to haul a bulky, heavy unit, plus you get ample power to enjoy added comfort as you relax outdoors.

What Is an Inverter For Camping?

Basically, an inverter converts direct current (DC) electricity to alternating current (AC) electricity for added efficiency to power larger, 240V equipment. Power inverters are a great addition to your outdoor essentials, especially if you're setting up a solar power system since they convert energy from the sun into usable electricity that you can use to run your gadgets within your RV. You can use either a Modified Sine Wave Inverter or Pure Sine Wave Inverter, although the latter one would most likely be the better choice because it produces smoother output waves that are suitable even for sensitive electronic devices. When choosing an inverter, it's necessary to know the size of appliances you'll be operating through it, including their continuous and peak ratings. Of course, besides this, you need to ensure that you're pairing it with the correct battery size too. 

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While cosy camping tents are great, this isn't the only thing you need on an outdoor trip. You need to pair it with a good portable battery pack as well, or other sources of power like a sturdy folding solar panel, or maybe a handy auto start generator. Here at Outbax, we've got everything you need and more whenever you feel like spending your weekend in a remote, relaxing place or going on a road trip and discovering new places. Check out our website to get an idea of the average lithium battery price and have a look at our other camping equipment range as well-who knows, you might just find something that will make your camping experience even better!

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