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Lithium Battery Kit for Caravan

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Lithium battery kits for caravans are one of the most effective and reliable ways of powering your road trips, especially when paired with a good set of caravan solar panels. While this is the case, some remain unaware of its benefits and even of the fact that it can actually be used in recreational vehicles. Caravan battery setups require reliable battery power, which is why lithium batteries have always been considered the best option to go for, particularly LiFEPO4 or lithium iron phosphate batteries.

A LiFEPO4 checks all the qualifications a good portable battery should have: safe, efficient, and long-lasting. If you're still hesitant about making the switch, read along. 

Can I Put Lithium Battery In My Caravan?

Yes! Lithium batteries are known for their much higher discharge rate and are suited for running high-power appliances. This makes them well-suited for off-grid use without no mains power available. If you're staying at a national park or campsite, an AGM battery would do but for remote locations and longer trips, going for a lithium battery will give you the security that you will never run out of power throughout your entire stay. Lithium batteries are also great for use with solar charging systems, making them perfect if you're planning to mount solar panels on your caravan roof as well. 

If you already have an existing caravan battery, switching to a lithium RV battery should be no problem at all. In fact, more and more campers are replacing their non-lithium 12V battery system for caravans with lithium deep-cycle batteries due to its increased longevity and safer features. However, keep in mind that lithium batteries should not be used as starting batteries. They're designed to supply lower, more consistent bursts of power, unlike cranking batteries which provide more concentrated bursts of energy at a shorter period of time. If you need something to kickstart your engine, it would be better to go for a lead-acid battery instead.

Can I Mix Different Battery Types?

For both user and battery safety, mixing two different kinds of batteries is usually not recommended. For instance, it's not a good idea to combine lithium and lead-acid batteries either in parallel or series connection because they have drastically different chemical compositions and load characteristics. Doing so may cause a lot of issues not just on safety but also on your entire electrical system. Even within assorted brands of lithium batteries, this is not advisable as it can damage their Battery Management System too.

How Do I Upgrade My RV Batteries to Lithium?

The first thing you need if you're going for a lithium battery upgrade for caravan is to replace the converter. It needs to be compatible with your LiFEPO4 battery, so your options would be to either purchase an entire unit altogether or a dual-purpose converter that can charge both your existing battery and lithium battery. Your short-stop breaker should be replaced too. This is the inline breaker that protects your main battery power line. Since LiFEPO4 batteries generally charge faster than conventional batteries, keeping your original breaker might burn it out during the charging process. Ideally, a good replacement would be a manually resettable circuit breaker rated for at least 120% of the load current. Also, check if your battery cables can handle a higher current too. If not, you need to get new ones as well. Make sure your solar charge controller or built-in battery monitor is compatible with your lithium batteries, and if needed, consider reprogramming them to a different mode. Lastly, review every aspect of your entire lithium battery system-make sure no wires are being overloaded and rewire if necessary.

Why Use a Lithium Battery In a Caravan?

Lithium battery packs are gaining more popularity among caravan owners. These batteries present a number of benefits over traditional batteries and best of all, these perks come in a compact, lightweight unit that will not take up too much space in your vehicle. Number one, lithium batteries have a longer lifespan, offering campers 2,000 cycles or more. This is eight to nine times greater than that of a lead-acid battery, saving you from the need to constantly buy a new one. They can also be safely discharged down to 10% without damaging your entire battery system, unlike other batteries with only a 50% depth of discharge. If you're using a LiFEPO4, another win would be on efficiency and safety. Due to their integrated battery management system, you can expect superior performance with these batteries plus, they also have a non-toxic, incombustible component coupled with built-in protection against common battery hazards like overheating. 

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