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A great camping experience should have comfortable camping chairs. The outdoors won't provide you seats except for rocks or maybe a branch, and sitting on a picnic blanket won't really do well for long hours. Newbie campers might think that camp chairs are considered a camping accessory, but it's actually sort of necessary camping gear, especially for campsites that require a bit of hike. 

You want to sit down on something comfy after a walk or a bicycle ride, maybe read your favourite book or simply catch up with your camping mates. Of course, a good camping chair should not only be easy on the back but equally convenient to set up and carry too. 

There are several portable chairs for camping that you can choose from whether online or in-store, so make sure you know exactly what type of seat you want to make sure you bring the best camping chairs to your next outing. 

You can practically buy these from local stores-there are tons of BCF camping chairs, Bunnings camping chairs, and Kmart camping chairs in almost every Aussie city. Here at Outbax, we also have quality camping chairs available at Kogan. Shop now and browse through a wide variety to suit your taste and seating preferences.

What To Look For In Camping Chairs?

Are you a newbie camper? If yes, then you've come to the right place! We pooled together a comprehensive guide for first-time buyers of camp chairs plus other useful info that would come in handy before you hit camping stores

Let’s first discuss the factors you need to consider before buying your new camping chair. Number one would be portability, as mentioned earlier. This is particularly important for backpacking adventures since a bulky, heavy one will slow you down and eventually tire you.

It's also going to cramp your campsite which will offset the main idea of getting comfortable. You also want to pay attention to the dimensions for a properly-sized and optimal seating height. 

Construction is another crucial factor to look out for when buying camp chairs. Know which materials are used for it, then research how sturdy and versatile they are in outdoor settings. Choose something with an aluminium frame for a lightweight yet durable support and a nylon or polyester seating area for added resistance against wear and tear.

How many campers are with you? If you have companions, there are sofa-type, double camping chairs or even three-seater ones that you can go for as well. Of course, there is the option to opt for separate camp chairs-it all boils down to your personal preferences. Just make sure to check the maximum capacity of your chair to ensure that it can accommodate you or multiple people at the same time.

Lastly, determine how you want to set up your camp chair. There are pop-up types that assemble within seconds, while others need a little extra work before you can use them. Each one has its own perks and advantages, so it would be a good idea to know how its design can impact your overall seating experience.

What Are the Types of Camping Chairs?

Reclining camp chairs are popular but there are more types of seating options you can choose from for your camping trips. These are also versatile and can be used as picnic chairs, concert chairs, and in some cases, beach chairs. Here are some styles you might want to look at when you shop for yours.


These are your typical four-legged chairs. Simple, reliable, and stable plus, they are usually high enough to go with most camp tables too. 


Low-height chairs are less tippy and are great for beaches or concerts as well. They are pretty versatile and are one of your most portable choices for any outdoor adventure. 


Are you a fan of swings? Suspended chairs let you enjoy gentle swinging while you relax and eliminate discomfort caused by uneven grounds too. If you prefer to rock back and forth, you can opt for gliders instead. 


If you're trying to search "moon chair camping," then you're probably looking for scoop camping chairs. They're usually round and soft with a lightweight structure for extreme comfort. 


These are quite unique and while they have their own charm, dual-legged chairs are not the best pick in terms of stability, especially for uneven terrains. 


Also referred to as camping tools, these offer a decent balance and are typically easy to carry.

Are Camping Chairs Water-Resistant?

Camping chairs are generally waterproof because they're meant for outdoor use. This means you can leave them out in the rain and not worry about a damaged chair afterwards. However, part of maintenance for any camp chair is ensuring they are stored well. It would still be best not to let them get wet if you can to keep them in their best shape. 

In the event that your camping chair does get wet, dry them off immediately before packing up. Make sure there's no more wet area anywhere when you fold them for storage to avoid fade marks on the fabric and watermarks on the frame.

Are Camping Chairs Bad For Your Back?

There are several camping chairs that offer lumbar support to prevent back pain. While every chair is not the same, you can get an ergonomic one to make sure you're back is as comfortable as possible. Also, go for a bigger-sized seat so you're not cramped in there and opt for something that supports a higher weight capacity. This is to ensure minimal exertion while you sit and helps avoid stiffness afterwards.

What Are the Best Camping Chairs in Australia?

Aussies are certified outdoor lovers, so you have plenty of camping chair options here. Currently, some of the most popular brands in the market are the OZtrail camping chairs and Wandered camping chairs. 

Camp chair prices also vary depending on the type. If you want something of great quality and on the affordable side, we have a range of them (including kids camping chairs) at Outbax, which you can view on Kogan. Some of them go as low as under $100, yet are proven to deliver maximum comfort and convenience.

If you have a good camping chair, you need to have an equally good camping table-preferably a folding camping table for portability. Don’t forget to look for our camping tables and chairs combo too!

Need more camping equipment? Keep browsing at Outbax for accessories including air beds and portable power sources such as inverter generators and lithium batteries!

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