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Lithium Car Battery

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Installing a lithium car battery can be cheaper in the long run for your vehicle as these will last much longer than a conventional lead-acid battery. In addition to being used as your main source of power for the vehicle, these can be recharged using a series of solar panels, and are suitable for powering many different appliances in a campsite, or while working far from another reliable power source.

Not only can a lithium battery power your car, but these can also be installed in the rear of a vehicle, so you have access to that power while you're on the go. You can pair them up with a fixed solar panel mounted on the top of your vehicle, and you 'll be able to run all sorts of equipment, including a camping refrigerator to keep your lunch and drinks cool ready for when you get to your destination.

How does a lithium car battery work?

A lithium car battery works in a similar way that a standard lead-acid battery does, however, some differences make a lithium battery a more worthwhile addition. The main difference is that a lithium battery does not require any maintenance, nor does it leak any potentially harmful gases into the surrounding area; this makes it safer for use outside of your vehicle. A standard 100Ah lithium battery consists of four internal cells, each of these can generate 3.2v, with the four cells working together you 'll get 12v (12.8v to be exact) of power. To install a lithium car battery in your vehicle, you 'll need to make sure that the car is set up properly to recharge the battery, as these will need a different charging device from the conventional lead-acid battery.

How to extend the life of a lithium car battery?

There are a few ways that you can help your lithium car battery last longer. This includes keeping it charged to at least 80% of its capacity, and regularly recharging it before it is completely drained of power. Keeping the battery well within its operating temperatures can also aid in extending your lithium car battery life. If it is used as your main car battery, and not the spare (or extra) then having it relocated out of the engine bay can help keep any excessive temperatures away from it. For most lithium batteries the ideal working temperature is from 0-40oC, however, the batteries from Outbax are rated to 45oC as they need to be better equipped to handle higher temperatures when working in Australia.

Where can I buy a lithium car battery near me?

The best place to find the lithium car battery you need is in the Outbax online store. We have many lithium batteries available that are suitable for use inside a vehicle. Shopping online is the most convenient way to get everything you need at a great price. After you place your order in our store, we 'll get busy packing it all up and getting it to our couriers. Your order will be processed and packed in under 24 hours, with the shipping taking as little as 3-7 days, and that all depends on your actual location. All parcels come with a tracking code, and this can help you find out exactly where your items are and the approximate time to arrival. As all our packages are handled by a specialist courier, we 'd recommend taking out postal insurance so if something happens during the journey to your address you 'll be covered and not out of pocket. While it is rare that an accident occurs, it is best to be protected especially when you have a large order.

At Outbax we have everything available for your outdoor energy needs, this includes solar blankets, camping solar panels, and portable generators. We also have many luxury items to help you enjoy the great outdoors, these include UGG boots, inflatable spas, and above ground pools. When you have a lithium car battery as a part of your overall setup it can be taken out of the car and used in your campsite, then recharged with the help of a few solar panels. These batteries are often used as a second power source and if you 're enjoying the great outdoors, they can supply power to many different items as well as deliver appropriate power to your vehicle when required.

A few of the benefits of shopping online include the ability to do it from anywhere and at any time. This is perfect if you 're a professional person that does not have a lot of spare time to get down to the local dealer and have a look through what they have to offer. As we are operating in an online environment, we technically never close, and you can also see everything we have available at a glance. With a regular store, you need to drive there and hope they have what you're after, and in some cases, you may settle for an item that is close to what you want rather than exactly what you were after. As we have a large warehouse at our disposal, we can afford to stock many more items than you may not find in a regular retail shop.

At Outbax, we are supporting all our customers, and we are available to talk about your needs via email or phone at 02 888 10 33 (Monday - Friday 9am - 5pm). When you call mention that you 're looking for a car battery replacement, and we are sure to help you find the perfect one.

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