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Backup Generator

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When bad weather hits or for whatever reason the power goes down, a backup generator will help to keep your appliances and devices running at home. Whether you are looking for a lot of power to keep your home running as it usually does or just a smaller generator to keep the basics on track, a backup generator will give you the power you need so you 're never caught unprepared.

Is it worth getting a backup generator?

Buying a backup generator is like buying yourself peace of mind. If you live in an area where there is often bad weather that leads to power outages or where the electricity supply is not always reliable, then getting a backup generator for your home is going to ensure that you always have power on hand in case you are unable to access it from the grid. That means that at the very least, you can run your basics such as your fridge and freezer (no spoilt food!), and your lights (no more stumbling around in the dark).

Of course, having a generator is only worthwhile if it is in usable condition when the time comes, so it 's really important that you do regular maintenance on your unit for it to be ready to go. If you are not using your generator regularly - even if it 's a backup generator to a smaller caravan generator - it 's still important to run it every month to keep the battery charged and fresh. Furthermore, the engine needs to have its oil topped up regularly so that it runs smoothly. When you have a petrol generator or a diesel generator, you need to make sure that you have a fresh supply of fuel for your generator on hand so that it can operate well. Running a generator on stale fuel is not going to do the engine any favours. Furthermore, run regular checks on its fuel lines, spark plugs, and air filters to see if you need to buy and install new ones.

Making sure that your generator is kept in good working condition will mean that your backup generator will be able to function properly and supply energy to your home when needed. It may also mean that the lifespan of your generator is extended, giving you years of service.

What generator size do I need for home backup?

Generally speaking, a backup generator for your home will be larger than the one you 're using for your camping trips as you likely need more power to run the appliances and electronics in your home than when you 're out on the road. Your 2000w generator or battery generator that you use as a generator for a caravan may not do the job. However, just like with deciding the size of any other generator, you will need to consider the kVA rating or watts rating in relation to what you 're planning to use the power system for. You will need to calculate the power output needed by checking the watts rating of all the devices and appliances you 're going to use if the power goes out in your home. It 's important to look not only at the running watts but the amount of watts needed to start the device up. This will be the larger figure, too, so it 's important to take that into account. It 's very likely that you will want to run all the devices and electric appliances, or at least a number of them, so you will need to get a backup generator that can handle that kind of load. Alternatively, if you want something smaller, you may have to consider the most important appliances or devices you would need to run if there was a power outage and work your way down.

Generators come as stationary and portable. Generally, that also makes a difference to the size. A stationary generator is usually larger with a lot more watt power - up to 15000 watts - but needs to be installed in a permanent position by a professional. However, a stationary model does have the bonus of an automatic switchover when the power cuts out. A portable one needs to be wheeled out of storage to a well-ventilated spot for safety reasons and then connected and started up, but the great thing is that it comes in a range of compact options.

Where can I buy backup generators for my home?

If you are looking for a backup generator for your home, Outbax has a range of generators available. No matter if you are looking for the smallest generator, marine generators, portable inverter generators or a domestic backup generator for your home, we have something that should suit your power needs. We are happy to give advice and suggestions about residential generators or any other kind of generator, so please get in touch. We know that it 's best to have your backup generator for the house bought and set up well as soon as possible, that 's why we offer fast automated shipping. Shop our products now!

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