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Aussie batteries come in different types, capacities, and, of course, prices. Lithium battery price would probably be the most controversial among power pack costs, given that it mostly leans on the expensive side. Still, because of its unrivaled overall quality, more and more users continue to go for it, particularly lithium iron phosphate batteries or LiFePO4 batteries

There is a significant difference in price between lithium batteries and conventional lead-acid batteries. Lead-acid batteries usually cost only a few hundred dollars, while the popular AGM batteries retail for just a tad higher. Couple this with their reasonably decent performance outdoors, and it's no surprise why many campers go after them.

Lithium battery prices are another story, especially LiFePO4 ones. They are typically the most expensive rechargeable batteries and can cost thousands of dollars, depending on capacity and features. Despite this, you will get what you pay for with a LiFePO4 battery in terms of stability, lifespan, and safety. Now, isn't that worth every penny

The silver lining here is that there are now retailers that have lowered the price of lithium batteries. Here at Outback, for example, our LiFePO4 power packs are famous for their quality and price tags. We are all about a great outdoors experience, ensuring that our lithium battery cost helps you pack the best portable power source.

If you're eyeing a camping battery, here's a quick price guide to help you choose the power pack best suited for your power requirements. Read on before shopping!

Lithium Battery Price Vs. Other Batteries

Lead-acid Batteries

These are the cheapest batteries in the market, retailing for less than $100 to $200. They're also the oldest type of camping battery pack. While they have established a name for many years now, lead-acid batteries are less efficient than the newer versions. 

Gel Batteries

Gel batteries cost between $100 and $200. They are leak-proof and require less maintenance. Although other batteries perform better overall, these have an edge because they operate in extreme temperatures. 

Absorbent Glass Mat (AGM) Batteries

Australia's most popular camping batteries cost around $200 to $350. They're a top choice because of their lighter weight, longer lifespan, and higher power output than conventional batteries. AGM batteries are also vibration-resistant, although one of their biggest cons is their sensitivity to overcharging. 

Lithium batteries

A typical lithium battery price starts at around $500+ and can go up to over $2,000. A lithium ion battery price usually falls in the lower end of this range but for a LiFePO4 battery, it could start mid-range at around $700. 

Let's focus on LiFePO4 Batteries since they are considered the best in the market. While these are often mistaken as similar to lithium-ion batteries, there are apparent differences in operation, charging profiles, and performance. LiFePO4 batteries have the edge in almost all aspects. Moreover, they stand out most in the safety department due to lower chances of exploding or catching fire—an issue that carved an unpleasant reputation for lithium-ion batteries. 

Because of this, the price of a lithium-ion battery has always been more affordable, but the continuous rise of LiFePO4 batteries due to their superior quality has convinced a growing number of people to invest more in them instead.      

Why Are Lithium Battery Prices So Expensive?

You might be complaining about the lithium battery cost, but hear us out: It might save you money! Imagine one purchase providing you with years of unmatched service, a maintenance-free operation, and a safer experience. Is that better than having to buy a new battery every few years or replacing damaged electronics due to a faulty battery?

If you need a bit more convincing, keep reading about why the price of lithium batteries (LiFePO4 Batteries) is typically higher than that of other power packs. 

Battery Management System

LiFePO4 power packs are well-known for their built-in battery management system (BMS). This allows better cell optimisation and provides automatic protection against common battery issues such as overcharging, overheating, and short circuits. It also translates to increased user and device safety, making it perfect for outdoor and home backup applications.

Deep Cycling Abilities

LiFePO4 batteries are considered lithium deep cycle batteries. This allows them to provide 80% of their useable capacity compared to their other battery chemistries, which can only be discharged by 50%. It's also one of the biggest reasons a LiFePO4 price is higher than a lithium-ion battery price. 

Moreover, the extended runtime brought by this deep cycling ability makes it a popular choice for off-grid, boating, and backup purposes—anything that requires longevity. 


LiFePO4 batteries can last up to 10 years with proper use and maintenance. Despite the higher upfront cost, this battery helps you save a lot in the long run, with 2-3 times longer service life than other battery types. 


As mentioned above, the biggest edge of LiFePO4 over lithium ion is their safer composition. These batteries are designed with a non-toxic composition, which is safe for the environment and less vulnerable to catching fires, reducing the risk of explosion. 

Technological Advancement

Thanks to the continuous advancements in the LiFePO4 battery sphere, these power packs are also widely integrated into home batteries. We're talking about whole-house batteries here for backup or off-grid purposes, which have become popular in recent years for cost-saving, sustainable purposes. Pair them with equally efficient solar panels and inverter, and you're on your way to achieving energy independence.


LiFePO4 power packs are built to withstand extreme weather conditions within specific temperature levels, making them ideal for almost any outdoor setting. This versatility also extends to their applications. These batteries can be used for recreational, household, and even industrial purposes, allowing you to maximise that higher lithium battery price and get great value for your money.

All these reasons justify the cost of lithium batteries, making them a terrific long-term investment. Just imagine never worrying about power wherever your adventure wheels take you! These power packs bring convenience outdoors and even at home during a power outage. Worried about lithium battery price tags? Try shopping at Outbax!

Our battery packs retail for a significantly lower lithium battery cost and are available in different sizes and capacities. Need a standard 100Ah camping battery? We have tons of them. How about a slimline lithium battery to help you save space? We have them, too!

What's more, our batteries are unmatched in terms of overall quality. Made with Grade-A prismatic cells and equipped with a built-in battery management system, you get a stable, long-lasting output with every use, perfect for outdoor adventures, home backup, work, and off-grid purposes. 

How do Outbax batteries stand out from the rest? Cheap lithium batteries are actually relatively easy to find, but an affordable yet high-quality one is. At Outbax, we ensure that all our power packs provide the utmost safety, performance, and service life to ensure no penny is wasted. 

Speaking of a cheap lithium battery price, while it might look tempting, you need to be careful about getting it. Tons of "affordable" yet inferior LiFePO4 batteries out there can cost you more in the long run due to faulty performance and, worse, appliance damage. This is why choosing a trusted provider is essential if you want to go for a budget-friendly lithium battery cost.

The keyword here is research. Check the reviews about your provider, the quality of power equipment they provide, and users' personal experiences. You can also look at their product specs and warranty offer or contact their customer service for complete information on what you want to purchase. 

It's also important to note that as good as they are, LiFePO4 batteries can still be vulnerable to damage if not handled properly. Among the most common issues with these power packs is incorrect charging, so you should purchase the appropriate lithium battery charger for optimal recharge. Over-discharging your battery to extremely low levels shortens its lifespan, especially when you partially charge it afterwards. 

A LiFePO4 battery can last up to a decade if properly cared for. Now, isn't that practical? You get more years of quality power, fewer replacement battery purchases, and a safer overall experience.

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Ready to choose from the best lithium battery prices? Visit Outbax today for rows of premium LiFePO4 batteries. We have multiple 100Ah lithium batteries for weekend camping, a 300Ah lithium battery for high-demand applications, and even a slim lithium battery perfect for those with limited spaces.

Whether you're searching for local or off-grid batteries, Outbax has something for You. As outdoor lovers, we have a full range of LiFEPO4 batteries that will be perfect for your next adventure and alternative power sources like inverter generators, solar panels, and power stations. 

Browse our site, and you might find great deals for your next camping adventure in one of our seasonal promos or sale events! We also have a team of experts who are happy to assist you with your questions and help you select the best camping equipment. When it comes to the cost of lithium batteries, we see to it that shoppers get only the best without compromising on quality. Get yours now.

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