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One of New South Wales' gems would definitely be Coffs Harbour. It's a fusion of beaches and family-friendly holiday parks surrounded by refreshing hills. With so many activities to try like kayaking, whale watching, and mountain biking, this area will be an easy favourite of avid campers. Outdoor lovers will love spending weekends and vacations here, which of course, makes it necessary for them to have a good camping battery pack on hand. 

There are tons of places you can get good batteries in this city. There's a Coffs Harbour Battery World, battery marts, and of course, there's Outbax if you prefer buying yours online. You don't have to search for "batteries near me" anymore-simply go to our site and you will find a range of portable lithium battery packs there, all of great quality and cheap price. The next time you're on the lookout for NSW batteries, you might want to check out our available camping gear. 

Are Lithium Batteries Good For Camping?

A lot of people say that lithium batteries are the future of portable power sources. While lead-acid batteries and AGM have been used for a long time now, the benefits of lithium batteries are able to solve most camping dilemmas such as heavy weight, safety concerns, and extra capacity. They're lightweight and compact with higher power output. These batteries also win in terms of safe operation especially with the rise of lithium iron phosphate batteries or LiFEPO4. Equipped with a built-in battery management system (BMS), this battery type offers a maintenance-free use and charging process. It's also ideal for first-time battery users, as it is temperature-resistant and does not burst or catch fire even when punctured. Since it's a deep-cycle battery too, you'll never have to worry about running out of power during your off-grid camping.

Perhaps the best application for a camping lithium battery would be in a recreational vehicle. Whether you have a caravan or camper trailer, upgrading to a lithium battery will offer a lot more convenience and great value for your money. The compact form is easy to install, supplies more efficient power and is more cost-effective in the long run. It's everything you could want while you're on the road. All these benefits also double if you go for a lithium deep-cycle battery because of the lower discharge rate and extended lifespan. One of the most recommended ways to power an RV as well is to pair your lithium battery with solar panels for a renewable, free source of energy.

What Should I Look For When Buying a Lithium Battery?

Aside from battery prices, quality should be the top consideration when buying a lithium battery. Do not end up buying an inferior one just because it sells for a cheaper price. While there are shops that offer affordable batteries that deliver superior performance, there are also ones that are only beneficial because of the tag price. To avoid this, here are a few things to look for when buying your battery:

Weight: A good battery weight falls between 12kgs to 13kgs with a 100amp/h of capacity

BMS: Your BMS should protect against common battery issues like over-voltage, under-voltage, extreme temperatures, and short circuits

Certifications: To ensure reliability and safety, it's always a plus if your battery has an IEC certification.

Specs: Make sure you have a copy of the battery's internals and a list of specifications for reference. 

Also, to ensure your get the best lithium battery for camping, determine its compatibility with your system first. For example, if your system needs 10amp/h, calculate if a 100amp/h which would last for 10 hours would be enough for you. 

What Are the Common Causes of Lithium Battery Failure?

Remember that even the best camping batteries can have issues and the only way to prevent this is to be aware of the risks in advance. The most common causes of a lithium decline is overcharging, over-discharging, and overheating. Even a single occurrence could cause permanent damage to your battery especially if it lacks a suitable battery protection system. Another one would be puncture and leakage which also poses danger on the part of the user. This is the best advantage of LiFEPO4 among all battery types. Built with integrated protection against usual causes of battery issues, opting for a LiFEPO4 will save you a lot of trouble and money as well for several years.

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