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Love enjoying sunny mornings? Explore the outdoors in Adelaide for your next camping destination. This city in South Australia has once been declared one of the hottest cities in the world. Of course, aside from outdoor activities, it would be a good place to make use of solar energy too. This is why both solar panels and solar batteries are common here. If you happen to be looking for one, you can go to specific battery shops such as Battery World Adelaide or Outbax if you prefer online shopping.

We have tons of lithium batteries for sale here that will make excellent solar batteries, plus solar panels and solar panel accessories for those who are planning to install an entire system.

Do You Need Both Solar Batteries and Solar Panels For Camping?

The combo of solar panels and batteries is often used by RV owners or those with off-grid cabins. If you're only going on a short day trip, having both is likely not necessary. However, most campers usually stay a day or two in campsites while those with caravans and 4WDs sometimes prefer going to off-grid locations with no access to a mains power. This is where an entire solar panel setup with batteries is needed alongside your car battery. Having a solar power battery means being able to store energy collected by your solar panels for later use. This way, you get extra peace of mind knowing that you always have power even on days when your solar panels might not be that efficient, like on cloudy days or during the evening. Your panels can also actively charge your power pack during the day for more battery power to help run your camping appliances. A solar power system in your RV may require installation, though, so apart from the solar panel battery price, you will have to prepare for additional fees for labour and necessary solar panel accessories such as a solar charge controller. 

How Much Are Solar Batteries in Adelaide?

Solar battery prices in Adelaide can be quite high, ranging from around $8,000 up to $21,000 for big energy users. This is no surprise though as solar battery storage has always been expensive. The best example would be the famous Tesla Powerwall Series, which starts at $11,000. Despite this, opting for one is sure to be worth it in a place like Adelaide plus, if you're using it for camping or as part of your caravan battery setup, there are more affordable options you can go for such as LiFePO4 batteries. These are usually compatible with solar and they are deep-cycle batteries too, which means you get up to 80% of usable capacity, unlike conventional lead-acid batteries that can only be discharged down to 50%. 

How To Keep Solar Batteries Warm in Winter?

Yes, you heard it right-in winter. Despite the hot summers, Adelaide is also known for its mild, wet winters given its Mediterranean climate. Whether you live here or happen to visit for a camping trip at this time, it's important to know how to keep your battery pack warm to avoid a decline in performance. Below are some of the easiest methods you can go for to make sure your solar battery is functioning at its best even in the cold.

Choose the right batteries: AGM and li-ion batteries both perform better compared to flooded lead-acid batteries but if you want something better and more flexible in extreme temperatures, LiFePO4 batteries are your best option. 

Create a battery shelter: This can be a storage container, a small shed, or anything you can quickly make or bring to provide some sort of extra cover for your batteries. 

Proper insulation is the key: Strengthen your battery shelter with good insulation. This will keep your solar battery at an ideal temperature to be able to operate well. 

Keep them at home: If you have solar batteries for home, better keep them inside instead of outside areas of your house. This is not recommended for any other type of battery though, due to the risk of explosion. 

Add a heating vent: Installing a heating vent is mostly recommended for those using their solar batteries in an RV. Just make sure you have enough ventilation around the area for safety.

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