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80W Solar Panels

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For anyone who has gone camping before, taking power with you can be the difference between having a good time and having an excellent time. An 80w solar panel system can provide you with enough power to keep your lights on at night and have your electronic devices kept to full charge. Of course, the exact amount of energy you require depends on what you 're planning on running, but an 80w system can be a good starting point if you 're not sure about your specific needs. In addition, these panels are lightweight and highly portable, so if you need to get them to a remote location, it will be easier for you to move them.

In recent times, solar panels have gained popularity for being a good and reliable source of power. They are highly durable and can give you years of trouble-free electricity production, and when paired with a battery, you 'll always have access to good clean energy, day or night! These solar panels are perfect for anyone who is camping. It can also power a building that does not have access to mains power. These panels are easy to clean and often require nothing more than a spray of water and a quick wipe down; you can use mild detergent for more stubborn stains.

At Outbax, we have many items on offer to help support you and your outdoor adventures. These include silent generators, vehicle solar panels, and slimline lithium batteries. We can ship all our items directly to your chosen location in as little as 3-7 days, with most orders being shipped from our warehouse in 24 hours. While all products are packed with care, it is highly recommended that you include postage insurance when placing your order. All of the items in the Outbax store have been tested for their suitability for use in the Australian environment with a focus on durability and quality.

How to use an 80w solar panel?

An 80w solar panel can be used in many different ways; you can charge a lithium battery or any item that can handle receiving direct current (DC). Often, you 'll find that appliances such as electric bikes and scooters, laptops, and mobile phones are capable of being charged with a DC cable; it is recommended to check with your manufacturer just to make sure. The exact amount of power you can produce with an 80w solar panel power system relies on how much good sunlight is available. On average, Australia receives about seven hours of sunlight per day that is suitable to be used by solar panels. Therefore, an 80w solar panel power setup equates to having access to 560 watts, or 46Ah (amp hours) in a 12-volt system.

When you first get your solar panels, it can be good to set them up as you would be using them when away from mains power. This will allow you to see exactly what you can run and how best to optimise the system. Start by finding a good place to set up the panels. This area should be free from shade and you should have enough room to move the panels so they are exposed to the most amount of sunlight during the day. If you have a battery, you can place it behind a solar panel or some other place nearby. If you are directly charging an appliance, make sure it is kept in a safe place where it is not exposed to the elements. Finally, take note of when you set up your solar panels and work out how long it may take to produce enough power to recharge your items. Once everything is charged to the right levels, you can unplug and pack away the panels. However, if you 're camping or staying in one place for a few days, it may be a good idea to leave them up. The panels can remain in place for as long as you need, as they are entirely weatherproof.

What can an 80w solar panel run?

In addition to recharging lithium batteries, you can run several items using an 80w solar panel. Before deciding on any solar panels for your setup, it is best to work out what you need to power and for how long. Doing this will give you a good idea of what solar panel is best for you. You can pair up a solar panel with an appropriate battery, the 100Ah lithium battery is a popular choice from our online store, and it will be more than capable of storing all the energy produced by your 80w system. Most appliances will have a rating for their power needs. This can be written in amp hours (Ah) or watts, and this figure represents what it will require over an hour of operation. Your 80w solar panel will generate approximately 560 watts per day of charging, which is your power consumption target. However, add an extra 25% to your calculation, just for the best results. When picking the solar panels to get the job done, you can choose from our camping solar panels, foldable solar panels, or solar blankets. We also have portable generators that can be perfect for a backup to your system when you have a few days where the weather is less than ideal.

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