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4kVA Generator

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If you are looking for a generator that will give you a good power kick, then a 4kVA generator may be the way to go. It 's certainly going to power up your campsite with a lot more wattage than the popular 2000w generator size, so get ready to plug in some extra appliances to really get your home comforts in the great outdoors. While it may not be able to provide energy for your whole house, a 4kVA generator should also offer enough output to be a decent start as an emergency backup generator to run a few appliances at home if there is a power outage.

If the generator is rated 4kVA, it is the measurement of the apparent power of the generator in kilovoltage amperes and represents the end capacity of the generator. Watts (kW) is used to measure the actual power. The system works completely efficiently in kilowatts = kilovolt amperes. However, generally speaking, a 4kVA generator has a watt rating of around 3200 watts. There are conversion tables available online to help you work this out if needed.

What appliances can a 4kVA generator run?

The answer to the question is pretty simple - as many appliances as there are outputs. When working out what appliances you can use with your generator, no matter the size, you really need to look at the watt capacity of your generator first. Then, you need to look at the load each of your appliances will draw down when you are using them. However, it is important to keep in mind that appliances and other technology usually have two-watt ratings. One is for the wattage needed when running the appliance. The other is the wattage needed just to start the appliance up. This will be higher than the running wattage and will also be particularly high in appliances that need to heat up or cool down - air-conditioner, we are looking at you! To make sure that your generator engine is not overloaded, you also need to plan what appliances you will be running at the same time. For example, you might want the lights on in the early morning when you are making coffee and toast, so all of those will need power output from the generator concurrently, as well as start-up power. Once you have this plan and the watt calculations, you can work out what you can run at any time.

Consider the type of electric current that is coming through your 4kVA generator as well. If you will be plugging your sensitive technology, such as smartphones and laptops, into your generator outlets, then it is advisable to use an inverter generator. Compared to a conventional petrol or diesel generator, an inverter generator produces AC power like the mains electricity at home. It has minimal distortion, making the type of power much cleaner and, therefore, more suitable for charging these devices.

How long can I run a generator continuously?

An average continuous run time for a generator, including a 4kVA generator, will be around 8 - 12 hours. However, this can vary widely and really, how long a generator can be run continuously depends on a number of factors. It depends on the brand, model and size of your generator and the efficiency of its engine. It also depends on the amount of appliances that are being powered by the generator: the more appliances, the more fuel used, the shorter the runtime is the general rule.

The size of the tank will make a difference too, as that relates to how much fuel the generator has to keep going. For safety reasons, you cannot refuel a generator while it is running, so no top-ups to keep it running for longer, and you should wait for it to cool down before you refuel it as well. This is to avoid any fire risks. The engine oil might need topping up after it has been run for a long time as well.

There is also the consideration that a generator running for a long time may be noisy and smelly, especially if the 4kVA generator is a conventional fuel-driven generator. New designs such as portable inverter generators are designed to be quiet, and a battery generator is pretty much silent. However, if your generator does have a tendency to smell and make noise, it is worth giving a thought to your campsite or residential neighbours when running it for a long time.

Where to buy a 4kVA generator near me?

If you are looking to buy a 4kVA generator, you can buy generators online at Outbax and take advantage of our fast automated shipping. We have a wide range of generators, from marine generators especially for sea adventures to the smallest generator for your camping trip. Looking for a generator for a caravan or want to know more about how an auto start generator works? Our customer service team is available to answer any questions you have and help you decide what is the best generator for you.

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