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2.2 kVA Generator

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It 's good to have a bit of extra power whether you are planning to get out on the road or looking for a backup at home in case of an emergency, so a 2.2kVA generator is a good-sized system to consider. A great product for those who are looking for more eco-friendly power and quiet mechanisms is a portable inverter generator. Offering around the same power as a standard 2000w generator, 2.2kVA generators with inverter technology throttle up and down to suit the power load that is being drawn down at any given time, so they are a great choice for a camping generator.

What appliances can a 2.2 kVA generator run?

The basic answer to this question is as many appliances that your generator has the capacity to run. Before you buy a generator, be it a 2.2kVa generator, a big diesel-run generator or the smallest generator you can find, you need to think about what you will use it for and what kind of appliances you are going to plug into the outlets. If you are going to use it for commercial use, where you will be using a lot of tools, for example, you will need a generator with a lot of power.

When checking your appliances, you need to check for the amount of watts it takes to run the appliance and the amount of watts your devices need to start up. These will be quite different, with the start-up watts being much higher than the running watts. You will also need to consider which of your appliances you are going to run at the same time so that your generator has enough power output for them to draw from. A 2.2kVA generator will go a long way in giving you the power you need for some home comforts around the campsite. Just to give you an idea, a phone will take very few watts of power for charging, but an appliance such as a microwave or a coffee machine is going to use a lot more energy. Suppose you are running delicate electronic devices, then you may want to look at a portable inverter generator as they produce clean power with less distortion, which is much more suited to sensitive tech.

How to install a 2.2 kVA generator?

All generators are different, and your caravan or RV will have different instructions for installing and running a 2.2.kVA generator. It is very important that you read the manual for both your caravan and your unit after buying it and before installing it. This is also important to prevent voiding the warranty during installation.

No matter what size your generator is, there are a number of safety issues that you need to consider when you install a generator - particularly a fuel-driven one. A fuel-driven generator which uses petrol or diesel cannot be used inside; it must always be used outside in a well-ventilated area where it is dry. This means that it can 't be used in a shed with the door open or any other structure, for example. This is because fuel-powered generators put off fumes, including carbon monoxide emissions. Although newer technology such as portable inverter generators put out less emissions, this is critical to take note of; carbon monoxide can build up quickly in amounts that can be lethal, therefore this generator must be placed outside at a safe distance from your home, caravan, tent or any exhaust outlet pointing to where people are. Furthermore, a fuel-driven generator has to be kept away from sparks, static, and naked flames (e.g., matches or candles). In order to stay safe, you must never smoke near a generator nor touch any of the parts with bare, wet hands.

With a fuel-driven generator, you will need to oil the engine and fill the fuel tank before you run it. The fuel must be fresh and not mixed. Take care not to leave the fuel tank lying around near the generator, as this can also be a fire risk. A battery-powered generator will need charging - either by being plugged into an electric outlet before use or by the use of solar panels.

Another thing to remember when installing a generator is to locate it away from other people at your campsite so they are not as affected by the noise. Consider chaining it up since a 2.2kVA generator is quite compact, making it easy to pick up and carry away.

Where can I buy a 2.2 kVA generator near me?

At Outbax, we have a range of quality generators available online for all your camping and caravanning adventures. From a small generator for camping, portable inverter generators and even marine generators, we can get your adventure powered up. And even if you are not going anywhere, we can help you find a generator for home use too, if that is what you need. For generators in Mackay to generators in Melbourne, our delivery service offers fast, automated shipping across Australia. If you are still working out what kind of generator or other outdoor equipment you need, don 't hesitate to get in touch with us.

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