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12v Lithium Ion Battery

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A 12v lithium ion battery is the best way to provide you with energy in an area where you do not have access to grid power. Often used in conjunction with a set of solar panels (for free energy) or a portable generator, you can store and supply enough power to support your daily routine. These can be used in a variety of applications from camping, boating, outbuildings, and recreational vehicles. Touring and camping are one of the easiest ways to travel and see more of Australia, but if you want to keep some of your standard at-home luxuries, such as lighting and other electrical equipment, then you 'll need a reliable power source.

To work out which 12v lithium ion battery is best suited to your needs, you 'll need to determine your daily energy consumption along with your ability to recharge the battery. Most electrical equipment will be marked with how much power they consume on an hourly basis, this is often recorded in amp hours (Ah) or watts. Decide on how many hours you're planning on using the device and add all of that up to get a total, then add in around twenty-five per cent just to make sure you 're covered. All the power equipment we stock at Outbax has been tried and tested to make sure it is suitable for the Australian conditions.

Our batteries are rated to working temperatures of up to 45oC without seeing a noticeable drop in efficiency. As they are portable you can easily move them around when you need to, these are also very environmentally friendly with all the internal parts being able to be recycled. As they do not leak or expel gasses they are also better for the environment in which they are being used.

How to charge a 12v lithium ion battery?

The way that you charge a 12v lithium ion battery can depend on where you are and if you have mains power available. To charge it using mains power you need to use a charger that is suitable to be used with a lithium battery. While it is possible to charge a lithium battery with a lead acid battery charger this is not usually recommended unless you can set it up properly. To use a lead acid charger, you 'll need to make sure the maximum voltage can be set to the appropriate levels, and that the automatic equalisation mode is turned on. Without these settings, using this type of charger will ultimately reduce the lifespan of your lithium battery.

If you don't have access to mains power or are using the 12v lithium ion battery in a situation where you can 't have it connected, such as an outdoor shed, or a camping area, you can charge it using solar panels. For a standard 100ah lithium battery, it 'll take around five-six hours of sunlight to fully charge using 200W solar panels. If you 're heading out camping you can use a solar blanket or any of the Outbax camping solar panels. To figure out which battery and solar panel combination are best for you it 'll depend all on what you 're planning on having running. Add up all the power consumption requirements of everything you 're using and see what size battery and solar panels will give you the best results. If you 're not sure you can call on one of our team members to help out and give you the right advice.

Where can I buy a 12v lithium ion battery near me?

The most convenient place to find a 12v lithium ion battery ‘near me ' is at the Outbax online shop. We have a huge range of models all in various sizes and amp hours available, and we are sure to have something that will be suitable for your needs. As the outdoor power specialists, you can find everything in one store, and all our gear has been tested to handle Australian conditions. In addition to power solutions, we also have luxury items like UGG boots, inflatable spas, and above ground pools.

Shopping online is the best way to buy what you need and have it shipped directly to your home. You 're not limited to what shops are close by, and with shipping taking as little as 3-7 days you 'll soon have everything you ordered. Many of our orders are picked and packed in 24 hours, and you 'll be sent a tracking code once it is ready to be shipped through the couriers. We recommend that everyone take out shipping insurance to cover them against any damages during transportation, especially with fragile items, like solar panels and portable generators.

All the batteries we sell are covered under a manufacturer's warranty for 12 months as a minimum and they come with a 60-day money back guarantee, so if the products are not suitable you can send them back in their original condition for a refund. As with all new camping gear, it is recommended that you set up your new 12v lithium ion battery powered system in a safe environment for testing (generally in a place that you have access to permanent power). This can make sure that everything is working and you have enough power to meet your demands. One great thing about having your own battery power systems is that you can easily add to them when your energy consumption increases. At Outbax we can recommend a suitable system that is tailored to what you require.

If you have never tried ordering online before, feel free to call us at 02 888 10 333 and ask questions about our products. We will be happy to assist you!

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