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6 Person Inflatable Spa

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How nice it is to have a 6 person spa at home? You can go for a cosy outdoor spa bath after a long day with your family or invite your best buds over for a quick catch-up while soaking in a warm, bubbly bath. These hot tubs even have air jets to give you a soothing massage that will definitely leave you feeling relaxed. 

If you're thinking of getting one, the first thing you would need to consider is your budget. Spas are not cheap especially if you're going for hard-shell ones that require installation. Fortunately, you can go for another more affordable alternative: inflatable spas. Inflatable spas pretty much allow you to enjoy the same function minus the hassle. 

For one, they have a significantly lower price tag compared to wooden spas. You get to skip installation costs too. A lot of blow up spas in the market are designed to inflate and deflate quickly, so the setup process is one less thing to worry about. 

These types of spas are extremely portable and while you might need to be extra careful of punctures, the overall benefits are definitely worth every penny particularly if you're opting for a bigger-sized hot tub like a 6 person spa. 

How Big Is a 6 Person Spa?

Dimensions vary for every 6 person spa but a general rule is that it should measure between 2.15 and 2.36m in length and width, and between 84cm and 97cm in height. This should accommodate the desired number of people comfortably and since most inflatable spas are modelled after authentic ones, a 6 person inflatable spa is likely to be within the same dimensions too. 

Anything smaller than the given measurements would fit more in the 2-4 person spa category, while a bigger size is considered more as a 5-7 person spa. If you're leaning more towards an inflatable 6 person spa, the Bestway Lay-Z-Spa Palm Springs is one good option. Simply inflate it for 10 minutes and you can enjoy an authentic spa experience complete with 140 air jets and a digital control panel. 

Another excellent 6 person spa that you can avail of at Outbax is the Bestway Lay-Z-Spa Hawaii. Aside from the 140 air jets, it has 8 hydro jets as well and is equipped with Freeze Shield™ technology. This means you can enjoy a warm dip even during winter which is simply the best time to get cosy too.

How Much Is a 6 Person Spa?

Hard-shell spas can range from $2,500 to $30,000 including installation costs depending on the type and additional groundwork required to set it up. Basically, the more additional features you want, the higher the price tag you need to brace for. A 6 person spa would go somewhere between this range because of the size too. 

This is one advantage of inflatable spas. A blow up 6 person spa can start at $800 to $3,000 which is a huge difference compared to the previous price bracket discussed. You can even go lower if you find a supplier that offers quality spas at an affordable price! 

For instance, the available 6 person spa prices at Outbax start at $699 to $1499-what a steal. We’re talking about quality, durable Bestway inflatable spas here. They are all built with durable Tritech™ material and equipped with equally convenient features for the most comfortable, long-lasting use. 

How Many Jets Should a 6 Person Spa Have?

You want to make sure that your 6 person spa has enough jets-not too few and not too many. Ideally, you should look for something with at least 20-30 jets for every massage pump and 5-6 jets per massage seat. Why does the number of jets matter? Since there is a limited amount of water coming out of the jet pumps, every additional jet your tub has reduces the amount of water available for other jets. 

This means that having fewer jets will mean that the water pressure will be uncomfortably strong while having too many won't be able to properly massage your muscles. The placement and size of your jets also matter. If the jets do not really hit you on the right spot, it defeats the purpose of the water massage in the first place. Similarly, there isn't any therapeutic benefit if certain jets are not big or small enough to target specific areas like your neck and lower legs. 

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Choose from some of the best inflatable spas online at Outbax! They offer an authentic, quality spa experience at an affordable price and require minimal effort to set up too. Our range of Bestway Inflatable Spas offers a 2 person spa, 6 person spa, and even a 7 person spa for tons of options. We have available spa accessories to help you with maintenance too.

It's the best camping store to visit even when you want to enjoy the outdoors in the comfort of your home. We also have a section for above-ground pools perfect for the summer season. Speaking of camping, Outbax specialises in portable power sources as well. 

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