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Camping stores are not difficult to find especially in Australia. A lot of Aussies are into the outdoors so you would often find camping stores packed with adventurers looking for camping gear. There are even online camping shops now so you won't have to go out of the house anymore! 

Shopping for outdoor equipment has definitely become easier over the years but like everything else, you need to be careful with too many choices. While it's great that you don't need to drive far or browse for hours, the camping store you eventually pick will be the first indicator of the quality you will be getting from your gear. 

What Are the Best Camping Stores in Australia?

As mentioned earlier, Australia is known for having numerous camping stores in every city. Some of the most prominent names include Kings Adventure Stores. It's one of the fastest-growing camping equipment brands with 18 stores and 50 stockists in Australia and New Zealand as well. This store offers a wide variety of essential camping equipment like awnings, swags, camping fridges, sleeping bags, and more. This camping store also sells camping batteries and other portable power sources if you need to power your campsite. 

Another well-known shop among camping stores in Australia is Tentworld. This one is easily accessible online and has its camping essentials categorised from comfort items such as camping mattresses down to basic gear like power supply. It houses tons of brands too and has established a good name in the camping scene whether it's for little necessities or bigger outdoor needs. 

If you're looking for quality camping gear that won't break the bank, Outbax is a good option. It caters to campers on a budget, offering portable power sources like lithium batteries, inverter generators, and solar panels at a more affordable price tag. Check out some of its impressive reviews on the website in terms of both products and customer service. It also offers leisure items like spas for those who wish to enjoy the outdoors without leaving their home. 

What Camping Gear Should Camping Stores Have?

Camping stores can either specialise in specific camping equipment or offer an entire selection of diverse gear to accommodate more outdoor needs. Let's categorise what type of essentials are good to have in any camping shop. First is shelter requirements. This could be tents, swags, awnings, or RV materials-anything needed for your temporary outdoor home. It's also good to have comfort items to keep you feeling at home even when out and about. 

Comfort items can include a folding chair, a cooler for your drinks, portable cookware for easy meal preps, and an air mattress to ensure a goodnight's rest. Of course, the majority of these items won't work unless you have a portable power source. Here at Outbax, one of our specialties is making sure your campsite is powered-up nicely. You'll find the best quiet generators, camping/caravan batteries, and portable solar panels here to keep everything you need up and running. 

Who could forget accessories? These items may be smaller but they sure make camping a lot better. Accessories usually pertain to camping wear, spare parts, entertainment items, and navigation equipment. They bring both comfort and convenience so it's always handy to have the best ones whether you're going to a public campsite or remote location. 

How To Choose Among Camping Stores? 

Before choosing among rows of camping equipment, you need to choose between numerous camping stores first. How do you know which ones are worth visiting? Here are some of the factors you can check to make sure you get your outdoor gear from the best camping stores only.

Reviews: Customer reviews are especially important if you're a first-time buyer in a specific camping store. It tells you a lot not just about the products but also about the entire shop's service so see to it that you go through enough reviews before picking a store.

Reputation: Camping stores can be known for a lot of things, and you want to make sure the one you'll buy from is known for a good reason. This can be seen through reviews as well and maybe in forums or groups for campers. 

Warranty: Take note of the warranty offers in a camping store. This is a good indicator of their products' quality as well as their after-sales service.

Customer Service: The more accessible a camping shop's customer service is, the better. It means that the team behind it is well-versed and willing to help with any purchasing concerns. Keep in mind that customer service extends to shipping and delivery handling as well and is not confined to the buying process alone.

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All pumped up to go shopping for camping gear? Head out to the best camping stores now. You can go either in person or buy online if you don't want limitations whether you're searching for camping stores Perth or camping stores Melbourne. Pro tip: Try shopping at Outbax. You get to save both time and money, plus, the range of quality items are impressive. We got some excellent reviews as well that you can check out and we have a team of dedicated experts that are more than happy to assist you every time. Outbax is known for providing great batteries for camping, boating, and even for 4WD dual battery setups. We also have the best inverter generators here and the most efficient solar energy essentials. 

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