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Solar Camping Generators

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Having a solar generator for camping will deliver you all the power you need for most camping situations. If you need to keep the lights on at night for security, or want to keep the beers cold on a fishing trip, the solar generator can do that for you. These small but handy units are capable of delivering power, and with the attached solar panels, they are self-recharging, which can extend the capabilities of the internal LiFePO4 battery. Since these generators are lightweight (especially when compared to standard petrol-driven generators), they can be taken to most camping sites with ease.

These are incredibly environmentally friendly as they use the power of the sun to recharge, and there is absolutely no noise to be heard, so they won't disturb your guests and will let you enjoy nature in silence. If you 're a camper who likes to get away from it all and go off-the-grid, but still enjoy some of the comforts of home, then the solar generator for camping is the ideal companion!

If you need assistance choosing the right power solution for your needs, you can contact our team members through email, or call us during business hours to have a short discussion. All our team members are experienced in outdoor adventuring and we can 't wait to share our expertise. After you order from our shop, we 'll have it ready for shipping in under 24 hours, and your order will be delivered to your door in 3-7 days. All our parcels come with a tracking code so you can keep an eye on it every step of the way. Our shop is open 24/7, so you can buy what you need at any time, and from any place where you have a reliable internet connection. Aside from camping generators, we also have vehicle solar panels and additional solar panel cables available in our online store.

How does a solar generator work?

A solar generator for camping works much in the same way that a regular portable generator does, but it uses solar panels (usually a solar blanket or a foldable solar panel) as its main form of power. These units will house a heavy duty lithium battery that is capable of delivering enough power to supply multiple devices. The main difference between all the units is their capacity and what options you'll have. They are ideally suited for camping, or in places that you need a temporary but reliable power source, such as outbuildings and other worksites. The main benefit of these generators is that all the connections are done for you, they are sold as a complete unit and you won 't need to worry about calculating which solar panels are the best for recharging the battery.

The solar generator for camping can be an ideal solution for many purposes, and your only limitation is based on what you plan on running. They are highly suitable for most working conditions and can supply enough power for your tools, or even a camping refrigerator. It 's best to work out your exact power needs, which can be expressed in either watts or amp hours (Ah). Another consideration is the amount or power ports you 'll be using. Any solar generator will come with at least one 240V AC and several other connections; this can consist of a few USB ports for charging your phone and other devices, and a 12V connection that is compatible with many camping appliances (e.g. portable refrigerators).

These are perfect to use at your camping site as they are very quick to set up. They can be quite compact, especially when compared to other solar power systems. A solar generator for camping can give you years of reliable and trouble-free power, and the best thing is that the electricity is free from the sun!

What are the benefits of using a solar generator?

There are many benefits of using a solar generator for camping. First, it is very easy to set up. You simply connect the solar panels and you are ready to go. For the best results, you can charge these up using a 240V mains connection before you leave, and that will take the pressure of charging the battery on the first day you 're out camping. When looking at generators, the solar generator can be far better than a regular petrol-powered portable generator as it is completely silent. It will simply sit there and deliver you a reliable amount of power that can be used to run your lights, and even some more demanding appliances.

At Outbax, all our products have been tested to make sure they are suitable for tough Australian conditions. These are durable and can deliver enough power to satisfy most camping set ups, although we recommend testing out any new power system before heading out into the wild. This can help you decide if the solar generator for camping is going to supply you with enough power. Figuring out the exact requirements you need from your generator can take time, but it is possible to use extra solar panels to increase your power collection capabilities, or have a petrol-driven generator on standby as a backup if there is inclement weather and you're not able to get a full recharge.

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