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Pros and Cons of Solar Panels

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The use of solar energy is now at its peak in popularity. Solar panels are being sold left and right, more households are installing rooftop solar panels, and even outdoor enthusiasts are starting to consider using this as part of their camping power source. A lot of first-time buyers are also wondering what the pros and cons of solar panels are. This is no cheap purchase, so it's crucial that you know just what you're getting and how it will fare with your current setting.

There are several advantages of solar energy that will definitely convince you to make the switch. You get to save up since you are less dependent on the grid and it's environmentally friendly too. Another plus is the incentives are tempting if you live in a city that offers good solar rebates. However, as with all things, knowing its disadvantages is just as important as well. You want to make sure you get the most out of your solar panels and that you buy the best solar panels in the first place too. 

What Are the Pros and Cons of Solar Panels?

Let's have a look at the pros and cons of solar panels starting with the benefits first. Without a doubt, the number one attractive thing about home solar panels is that they can help reduce your monthly electricity bills. You rely less on the grid and use the sun's rays as a free, renewable source of energy instead, so you can expect those bills to decrease after you have used your solar panels regularly! 

Solar panels also have an average lifespan of 25 years. You'll get back your initial investment by this time, plus the impressive longevity period will make every cent worth it. For campers or RV owners, using solar energy means unlimited camping and road trips. There are tons of RV solar panels available for adventurers such as fixed solar panels, flexible solar panels, and portable solar panels.

As long as you have something of guaranteed quality, you can go off-grid and enjoy the peace without worrying about powering your camping essentials. Most campers go for a 200W solar panel and pair it with an RV lithium battery but it's still up to you to choose which solar panel setup fits your power requirements best.

Using solar panels also increases your home's value. The best thing about this is that over the years, the technology behind solar energy use is continuously developing. A lot of solar panels nowadays require minimal maintenance yet bring so much value to any household. You won't have to spend anything after everything has been installed except for occasional quick fixes and monthly solar panel cleaning

Speaking of advancements, a lot of solar panels come with SMART features now like full visibility and tracking of your system. You also get access to options for high-energy applications, particularly when you need to export some of them to other places like in a solar battery

A solar battery storage system allows you to stock up energy for later use such as in the evenings or during power outages. Currently, the most popular solar battery would be the Tesla Powerwall although there are lots of other brands that work well and retail for a more affordable price too. 

As mentioned earlier, the government incentives for solar energy users are quite attractive. Aside from solar rebates, you can even sell the excess energy you have generated to the grid. This means the initial costs of switching to solar energy will become more affordable and you can even get a bit of extra cash from it. 

Lastly, you contribute a lot to fighting climate change when you buy solar panels. They emit clean, renewable energy with no emissions so, in your own little way, you also get to do your part in protecting the environment. 

Let's go through the disadvantages of solar energy. Most of these are conditional and can be solved provided that you consider the necessary factors that might affect your solar panel's performance before purchasing. 

The top con of switching to solar energy is the high upfront cost. If you add the costs of solar essentials with installation fees, the amount can be overwhelming. However, it is good to note that solar panels last for over two decades and that it will eventually prove to be a cost-effective move in the long run due to slashed monthly bills. 

Solar panels are not as effective on cloudy days and cannot be used at night as well. This is where the benefit of a solar powered battery comes in since you can store energy here during favourable weather and use it on days where sunlight exposure is limited. It's also why you need to consider your location in the first place. Do you live in a generally sunny place and do you get enough peak sun hours? If yes, then solar energy is likely to work well for you.

Some solar panel users claim that they are not as efficient as they thought. However, a lot of factors might be playing a role behind this claim such as roof angle and overall quality. There are several camping stores providing panels with a high-efficiency rate-the key is to do your research beforehand on which brands are known for quality, what solar panel fits your available space best, and how much energy you will be drawing from it. 

Another disadvantage worth noting is that while solar panels are geared for eco-friendly purposes, the manufacturing process of solar panels can be harmful to the environment. While it's a little ironic, overall, they still do more good than bad especially if you look at it from a long-term perspective. 

Do the Pros and Cons of Solar Panels Make It Worth the Investment?

Yes! The benefits you can get from going solar still outweigh the disadvantages. The majority of solar panel cons are solvable as well as long as you're in an appropriate setting for it. It is true that installing a solar system for the first time can leave a sizable hole in your pocket but make sure you don't fall into the trap of getting cheaper solar alternatives. Many of these providers do not provide quality products and will only have you spending more.

If you want excellent solar panels and solar panel accessories at a more affordable price, try Outbax. We are known for providing quality camping gear including portable power sources like solar essentials at a lower price to accommodate all outdoor lovers. Our range of panels works well for home use too, so you might want to browse through them if you're planning to go solar. 

How Do the Pros and Cons of Solar Panels Help First-Time Solar Energy Users?

Awareness of the pros and cons of solar panels allows newbies to understand what they're getting better. In a way, knowing this also gives them an idea of what to consider before buying solar panels and helps them determine which setup will work best for them. Going solar requires a lot of background research and checking of existing conditions such as climate, area, and available space. 

By learning the ins and outs of solar energy including the pros and cons of solar panels, you can ensure that you get great value for your money and maximise what you've invested in to the fullest. 

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