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Lithium Deep Cycle Battery

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A lithium deep cycle battery is essential for giving you power where you do not have access to standard grid power. These can be used in camping situations, boating sheds, or any outbuilding where getting power could be difficult. As they can be recharged using solar panels, you can effectively have power available whenever you need it. Many people have a set of solar panels fixed to the roof of their vehicles and these will charge the battery as you drive, or parked in a suitably sunny position.

When you 're needing power, it is tempting to simply use the car battery, but these are not designed for providing consistent power like you 'd need to run lighting or any powered appliance. Only with a lithium battery are you going to get the power you need to keep everything running properly.

How to select the right lithium deep cycle battery?

To find out which lithium deep cycle battery is best for you, you 'll need to figure out how much power you need daily, and how fast you can recharge them. There are a few ways that you can get power into your battery, however, for camping or outbuildings, the most common method is to pair it up with suitable solar panels and make use of free energy from the sun.

Working out the right battery you need is a matter of examining all the items you're planning on running and adding up the amp hours (Ah) they 'll consume. Then take how many hours you plan on running them and this will give you how many amp hours in total you 'll be using in a day. To factor in the recharge rate, check your solar panels and multiply the wattage by the number of daylight hours in a single day (the Australian average is seven), then convert that to Ah (Watts/Volts = Ah) so you can see how much power it 'll add back into the battery.

How do you charge a lithium deep cycle battery?

A lithium deep cycle battery can be charged using a few different methods. You can use a regular mains power operated lithium battery charger, suitable solar panels (such as the Outbax camping solar panels, or solar blankets), or a portable generator. While it is possible to use a standard lead-acid battery charger, this is not recommended as if you don 't have the appropriate settings on the charger you can shorten the life of your lithium battery.

If you only have a lead-acid battery charger and it is an emergency you 'll need to set the maximum voltage and that the automatic equalisation mode is turned on. Most modern battery chargers will have these settings available. If you do not have an automatic equalisation mode, you can still use the charger, but you 'll need to keep an eye on the battery levels and manually take it off the charger when it is at a full charge.

Where to buy a lithium deep cycle battery?

The best place to buy your lithium deep cycle battery is in the Outbax online store. We have many different batteries to choose from and these can all be shipped directly to your address. Shopping at an online retailer is the most convenient method for getting exactly what you need. You 'll find that we can stock a large selection of batteries and other outdoor gear that can be used to get you powered and up and running when you don 't have access to grid power. A lithium deep cycle battery can be used in many different situations, including installed into a caravan, or on a mobile work site to power your tools, the options are near endless!

After you order from our selection of batteries, we 'll pack it all up and get it to our couriers in around 24 hours. The courier team will have it delivered to your door in as little as 3-7 days. For your protection, we highly recommend taking out the postal insurance option when having anything shipped. Shopping online allows you the option of buying what you need at any time of the day, and best of all you can do it from anywhere. You can order many products all in one shipment as this can save you on postal charges. If you 're buying a completely new power setup, we can take you through exactly what you need to buy, or if you only need a few parts to make your system work better we can do that as well.

At Outbax a lithium deep cycle battery comes with a minimum of 12 months warranty, and they all have a 60-day money-back guarantee. For most camping sites a 100Ah lithium battery will be enough, and you can always add to it at a later date. As with all new camping gear, we 'd recommend you set it up and test it out in a safe environment first to make sure that it is suitable for what you're going to use it for. Often people choose to run it for a night or two in the backyard where they have access to reliable power as a test run. One of the best things about camping power is that it is highly modular and you can add new parts to it and increase your energy collection and output. If you need assistance in selecting the right gear for your needs, you can email or call our team during regular business hours (Monday - Friday 9am-5pm) and we 'll help you out. In the Outbax store, we also have a collection of luxury outdoor items, this includes UGG boots (perfect for cold nights), inflatable spas, and above ground pools which are brilliant for summer use in the backyard!

If you have never tried ordering online before, feel free to call us at 02 888 10 333 and ask questions about our products. We will be happy to assist you!

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