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Lightweight Solar Panels

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Lightweight solar panels can be the answer for all your power consumption needs. These are highly adaptable and can be used in all sorts of different situations, especially where you are restricted by how much weight you can carry. They are also useful when you're flying, travelling on a boat, or simply hiking to your next camping spot. If you need additional power, you can pair them with a suitable LiFePO4 lithium battery or just use them to recharge any product that has a lithium battery (laptops, phones, etc.).

Solar energy is free for anyone who has a set of solar panels. Our premium range of foldable solar blankets is ideal for many different situations. Since they have been designed with the outdoors in mind, they are highly durable. After you choose the perfect panels for your needs, you can place an order through the Outbax online store. All orders are packed with care and shipped directly to you. Shopping online offers you a convenient method for getting exactly what you need, and provided you have a good internet connection, you can shop 24/7. We can ship your parcels all over Australia including many remote locations. In the Outbax online store, you can find many products suitable for your next outdoor adventure and these can range anything from camping generators to a 100Ah lithium battery.

Are there any lightweight solar panels?

Yes, you have several options when it comes to lightweight solar panels. While they may not be as efficient as traditional glass solar panels, it all depends on your specific needs when choosing the right option for you. Solar panels are ideal in many situations when you are limited by how much weight you can carry. These are perfect for anyone out hiking, especially when you want to make use of a lithium battery to provide you with some lighting when you set up camp. As with all power setups, it is highly recommended that you test your systems in an environment where you have access to a good and reliable power source before you head out into the wild.

One advantage of using solar panels as your charging option is that they are a lot lighter compared to other choices, such as portable generators. They take up less space and are totally silent while they create energy simply from being exposed to sunlight. With the right set of lightweight solar panels, you can even have them charging your batteries while you are walking or driving to your next destination. At Outbax, we have many different solar panels to choose from and we are sure that you'll be able to find something that is going to make your next outdoor adventure all the more enjoyable.

What are the benefits of lightweight solar panels?

There are many benefits to using lightweight solar panels, with the main one being that they are not as heavy as some other options (e.g. fixed solar panels). When you're travelling, the exact weight that you're carrying can have an effect on the amount of energy you're using. Therefore, any reduction in weight will help you manage your carrying capacity, or allow you to take other items that you may have had to leave out.

By using lightweight solar panels, you'll able to take them to more locations. For example, there could times when you're driving to a location, but then need to hike to your exact camping spot. In this case, having solar panels that are easy to carry will mean that when you arrive at your destination, you're not too exhausted from the trek. Some of the best solar panels that are suitable to be used as camping solar panels include the solar blanket. These are quite handy as they can be packed away into a small area, and since they are variable in size, you can choose one that is capable of recharging small and large batteries. And if you want to stay connected, then a small set of solar panels can be just the right thing to keep your phone, camera, drone, and laptop all charged up and ready to go.

If you need some solar panels for your vehicle or caravan, then you can choose flexible solar panels. These will attach to the roof or your vehicle using double sided tape and duct tape on the edges. With their slim appearance, these won't stick out or interfere with the airflow of your vehicle. They are more than capable of recharging larger batteries while you drive and will not add much to the overall weight of your vehicle. If you're four-wheel driving, these panels will not be intrusive or get stuck and damaged by low hanging branches. At Outbax, we have a good variety of lightweight solar panels for you to choose from and all of these can be sent directly to your door in as little as 3-7 days. All orders placed through our online store are packed and ready for shipping in under 24 hours. If you add insurance, your items will be protected against any problems that may occur during transportation.

If you need any assistance in choosing the right panels for you, then you can contact our team members by phone or email. For phone enquiries, it is best to call during business hours; these are Monday to Friday, 9am - 5pm. At Outbax, we fully support all our customers with a minimum 12-month warranty of all products and a 60-day returns policy. If you are having any trouble with your new power setup, please give us a call and we'll talk you through the process.

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