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Glass Solar Panels

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When it comes to making energy from the sun, using glass solar panels can be an excellent option. All the panels that we sell through the Outbax online store are selected for their durability and suitability for a wide range of uses. There are glass solar panels that can be installed onto the roof of your vehicle or caravan. There are also products that are portable for use in a camping ground or job site where you don 't want to have them permanently attached.

Using solar panels is the most economical way to get power anywhere that does not have a reliable energy network. The exact requirements for your solar power system are reliant on how much power you need. The power required can be worked out by looking at all the appliances you 're planning on running and multiplying that figure by the number of hours it 'll need to run. All solar panels are sold in watts, and this indicates how much power they can generate when exposed to sunlight per hour. For most appliances, you can 't connect them directly to the panels, so you 'll need a suitable lithium battery (these commonly come in 50Ah, 100Ah, and 200Ah for storage capacity). To make sure that you have access to power regardless of the weather, you can add a backup supply to your setup; this is where a portable generator can get the job done. These are perfect for when you need a little bit of a boost in your power capabilities.

At Outbax, we have a large supply of solar panels in stock at all times. These have all been rated to work in rugged outdoor Australian conditions and are tested by our staff to make sure they will provide you with trouble-free charging for many years. All our panels are sold with a minimum 12-month warranty against faulty workmanship and parts, and we 'll offer you a 60-day guarantee on your purchase. As with all new camping and power setups, we recommend testing it first in an area where you have access to mains power. This is to make sure that everything is operating in the way you intended and that there are no problems. As solar panels systems are entirely modular, you can easily add new panels or batteries at any time to increase your available electricity. This is great for growing families so you can enjoy more of the typical household luxuries while you 're camping or working, regardless if the day was cloudy or not. If you require any assistance in choosing the right solar panels for your needs, you 're welcome to give our team members a call during business hours or send us an email, and we 'll contact you as soon as possible.

How do glass solar panels work?

Glass solar panels essentially use monocrystalline solar cells to create energy from sunlight. These units are made of a tempered glass panel, an aluminium base plate, and a steel body and frame. The solar cells are sandwiched between the glass and the aluminium plate; this helps to protect the cells from any environmental damage. Monocrystalline cells are known to last 25 years when fitted out in this way. The panels themselves can create energy by allowing the solar rays, or photons, to pass through a fine sheet material. It then strips the photons of their electrons and forces them into a circuit. The circuit collects all the electrons, and this creates a charge that can then be delivered directly to a load or stored in a battery cell.

What are the benefits of using glass solar panels?

Although the power draw is much the same as you 'll get with other camping solar panels (e.g. solar blankets), the advantages of having glass solar panels can often make these the better choice. It 's not the panels themselves, but rather the frame they come in, with an aluminium backing and a steel frame; these are sturdier compared to other solar panels. You 'll find that glass solar panels come in a variety of different shapes and fixture types. These can be fixed solar panels that are ideal for many car roofs and the roofs of small outbuildings, including sheds, garages, and workshops or any location where you need good reliable power. Even if you have mains power to a remote location, a connection can often be expensive, especially if you 're only planning to use it once every now and then. Electric companies will charge you per month just for being connected regardless of how much electricity you use. Suppose you occasionally visit a bush block or a camping site that you own, then having connected power can be too expensive to maintain. In that case, solar panels can be the perfect solution to this situation.

If you don 't have a building and don 't want to put these on your vehicle, foldable solar panels are the next best option. These lightweight glass solar panels offer you the same experience, but you can move them to different locations. This allows you to track the sun during the day and enjoy optimal charging for many hours of the day. The glass on these panels also makes cleaning relatively easy; you can use water from a spray bottle to get all the dirt and debris off the panel and then wipe them dry to eliminate any water spots.

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