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200 Amp Hour Lithium Battery

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Sure, 100Ah lithium batteries are great and are pretty much the standard when it comes to outdoor applications. However, when you need a little bit more capacity and longer run time, 200 amp hour lithium batteries would probably be the better pick. These power packs may not be as popular as their 100Ah lithium battery counterparts but they are just as easy to find. You also have the option to combine two 100Ah batteries provided that you have enough space in your RV or campsite to install both of them. 

A 200Ah lithium battery can power a couple more appliances, which is useful for off grid camping and power outages. They also make great solar batteries for pairing with 12V solar panels if you’re going for an entire solar system set up in your RV. 

Currently, there are a lot of popular brands of 200 amp hour lithium batteries. You could get a Renogy 200Ah lithium battery or an Enerdrive 200Ah battery easily, plus, you also have tons of options online. 

For instance, our VoltX lithium batteries for sale at Outbax are gradually carving their name in the battery market. All of these are LiFePO4 batteries to be exact, meaning they are backed with the safest composition as well as prismatic cells and an integrated battery management system (BMS) that ensures optimal performance. 

How Much Power Do 200 Amp Hour Lithium Batteries Have?

A 200 amp hour lithium battery is powerful enough to power a wide range of appliances. This includes heaters, RV air conditioners, and microwave ovens. Need a battery for a camping fridge? It can very well run that too, so no need to worry about your food items spoiling on camping trips even before you get to prepare them!

To determine how long they'll be able to power your electric devices, we need to consider three metrics first, which will largely affect your run time for every appliance. 

Battery Voltage

Usually, most outdoor trips or even backup situations would only require 12V 200Ah batteries as this will give you 2400Wh of battery capacity already. It's good to know higher-output options though, such as 24V batteries and 48V batteries in case you need them. 

Depth of Discharge (DoD)

Your battery's depth of discharge determines how low you can safely discharge your battery. For example, if your 200Ah lithium battery has a 50% DoD, this means you can only discharge it down to 100Ah. This is also where LiFePO4 batteries are advantageous. 

These power packs are considered lithium deep cycle batteries, meaning they have an 80% DoD compared to their lead-acid counterparts that often have a 50% DoD only. Due to their ability to run for longer without requiring a recharge, it's no doubt most boaters prefer lithium marine batteries and that they're sought-after for backup purposes too.

Running Wattage of Devices

The biggest factor affecting how long a 200 amp-hour lithium battery will last would be the total wattage requirements of the appliances you're running. To do this, you can list down every electric device you'll be using plus their run time, taking note of electronics that need to run simultaneously. Sum it up and convert it to amp hours to have a good idea if your battery capacity is enough to power everything throughout your trip.

How Many Solar Panels Are Needed To Charge 200 Amp-Hour Lithium Batteries?

The general rule when determining how what size or how many solar panels you need for charging batteries is to divide your amp hours by the number of peak sun hours you have and multiply with your battery voltage. 

If you have a 12V 200Ah lithium battery with around 5 hours of peak sunlight each day in your camping area, you'd need around 480W of solar panels to be able to charge it effectively. You can split this depending on how many solar panels your campsite or RV can accommodate and ideally go a little higher than your acquired result for a little extra too. 

There are other considerations you need to take into account when charging your portable lithium battery pack via solar panels too. One would be the type of batteries you have. While lithium batteries are better in terms of overall performance, they tend to require bigger-sized solar panels for charging. 

Also, the type of solar charge controller you’re using matters too. You could use either a Maximum Power Point Tracker (MPPT) solar charge controller or a Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) regulator for this. It will all boil down to what your system needs, although an MPPT solar charge controller is considered superior in terms of efficiency.

How Much Are 200 Amp Hour Lithium Batteries?

First of all, lithium batteries especially LiFePO4 ones are usually on the expensive side. A 100Ah power pack alone can start at around $700 so naturally, something with a higher capacity will be pricier. 

Mostly, 200 amp hour lithium batteries are priced from $1200 up to $3,000. It’s good that they supply ample power output for the majority of outdoor and home backup applications since opting for two or more of these will definitely burn a hole in your pocket and cramp your space too. 

There are cheaper options for you, though. Here at Outbax, our 200Ah lithium batteries start at $899 only! We also have 200Ah slimline lithium battery and a premium one available with an advanced BMS!

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