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A generator set, known as a "genset", is pretty much just a generator. It is called a generator set because it is essentially a system comprising two main components: a motor and an alternator. These work together to convert mechanical energy that is powered by fuel or battery, or gas into electrical energy. This energy is then used to provide power at a campsite, off-grid if you are running alternative energies or when the mains utility electricity is unavailable, for example, during a power outage. Generally speaking, a generator set is a reliable power source or backup power source for your home or for your adventures.

What size generator should you buy?

There is a wide range of generators, from the smallest generator, able to power up a device or two, to a portable generator for a caravan and on to big commercial generators and standby generators for your home or business. Therefore, with all this choice, you need to think about a number of factors when working out what size will work best for you and your power needs.

The first thing you need to consider when calculating the size of the generator set you need is where you will use it and for what purpose this will affect its physical size. If you are going to use the generator for camping or caravanning, you will want something that is fairly compact and portable in size, so you can move it around and install it at your campsite easily. However, if it is something that is going to be used at home, then you may actually permanently install your generator set, and therefore the size will be less of an issue as you won 't need to move it around.

Calculating the size will also relate to the type and number of appliances you will run. That is, you need to think about the total watts consumption of the electric appliances and other devices that you are going to use the generator for. A generator set has a finite amount of power, measured by the watt rating or the kVA, so you need to look at the wattage of your appliances - both the start-up and the running wattage as these are not the same. The start-up wattage will be much higher than the running wattage, so you need to make sure that you have a powerful generator that is powerful enough for the highest of those watt requirements. You also need to add the wattage of any appliances that you wish to be running at the same time to the highest start-up wattage, and that will give you an idea of the size of the generator set you will need in relation to engine power and consumption. It 's advisable to get a model that runs a little higher than the amount of watts you have calculated just to give a little leeway.

To give an overall idea of what kind of size you will be looking at, a 2000w generator will power up a number of useful items at a campsite, but a house will need a lot more than that - around 5000w as a ballpark.

How to set up a generator?

This depends on what type of generator set you are using. First, there is the indoor/outdoor rule. If your generator is battery operated, it can be used inside. If it is fuel-powered, e.g. by diesel or petrol, then it is only to be used outdoors and for safety, only in a well-ventilated area. This is because it will give off fumes and emit carbon dioxide which can be deadly. In addition, the exhaust outlet will need to be pointed away from the home or camp.

Also, regarding location, your generator set must be set up away from your home or your camp - tent or caravan, and kept dry. A generator must be set up so as not to be exposed to static as this can cause sparks which are a fire risk, nor should it be exposed to any flames or other sparks - so no smoking near a generator. Connecting your generator set depends upon the individual guidelines for our model of the generator and the manual for your caravan or RV if that is what you are using it for.

A backup generator for the home may need to be installed by a professional, depending on the type of generator - especially if it is an auto start generator set that needs to be hooked up via transfer switch to the mains electricity.

Where can I buy the best generator set near me?

Whether you want a generator set for a specific purpose or are looking for a whole range of generators, Outbax offers a range that will meet your needs. From marine generators to a small generator for camping and from a petrol generator to an inverter generator, we can help you find the equipment you want to provide the power you need. Our customer service team will be happy to talk to you if you need some more information about our generator sets or any other outdoor equipment we may have available. Place your order now!

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