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200Ah Lithium Battery Price Australia

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When you're looking for a 200Ah lithium battery it needs to be a high quality example. It needs to be up to the job of storing enough power that you can rely on it as a good source of power. It also needs to be durable for the tough Australian conditions and be lightweight enough that it does not overload your caravan or vehicle. All the batteries at Outbax have been tested to make sure they can supply you with the right amount of power. These can be recharged using a solar blanket or other solar panels.

In looking for the lithium battery that is perfect for your needs, you should consider the offered warranty, and how it handles under extreme heat conditions. Our batteries have been tested for performance up to 45oC, which is perfect for most locations all over Australia, and they come with a minimum 12 months warranty. These weigh only 30kg, do not need any maintenance, and can be expected to last through approximately seven years of use. You can expect to get 2000 life cycles from these extremely durable batteries, which is excellent when compared to many other batteries on the market today. Using Lifepo4 technology, these are very fast at charging, only taking 2-4 hours to reach full capacity.

Do lithium batteries need a special charger?

The way that a 200Ah lithium battery will charge is that it receives a steady flow of current until it is full and then the charger cuts off the supply. They are ideal in fast charging situations where they 'll get close to being fully charged and then the current is reduced to a slower rate and then it finally stops when the battery is full. This is vastly different to a standard lead-acid battery. Lead-acid batteries charge in a three-step process, these are bulk, absorption, and float. The bulk phase is the fastest and takes the battery to around eighty per cent capacity, then it switches to a slower rate as it can no longer accept the full rate of charge; this is the absorption stage. Once the absorption stage reaches minute levels of charging (usually after about four hours) it is considered to be in the float stage.

As these two batteries charge using different methods, it is ideal that you use the correct charger for that type of battery. If you use a charger suitable for a 200Ah lithium battery on a lead-acid battery it will send a constant power supply to the battery for as long as it can take it. This may reduce the lifespan of the battery; it can be okay to do this in an emergency but shouldn 't be relied on as a regular process. If you need to use a charger that is designed for lead-acid batteries on a lithium battery you need to adjust some of the settings. You 'll need to set the maximum voltage and turn off the automatic equalization mode. If the charger does not have these features then it shouldn 't be used. Although it is possible to use different chargers, it is best to use one that is suited and designed for. Most camping solar panels  and portable generators are capable of charging a lithium battery and you can use these quite easily to get the batteries to a full charge. If you 're not sure about the right charger for your equipment you can contact the team at Outbax for some advice.

How much power does a 200Ah lithium battery produce?

It 's important to note that a 200Ah lithium battery should produce 200Ah of available power. However, some cheaper models use lower rated internal cells and these are not capable of delivering all the power they can hold. With lithium batteries, especially some of the cheaper models, you 're paying for what is on the inside. So, while they may all look the same there are some dramatic differences on the inside that can affect how much power you 'll get from them. All the 200Ah batteries on the Outbax online store will deliver you 200Ah of power. We don't skimp on the insides of these batteries and well believe in marking them appropriately. Before you buy any battery make sure you check out the individual specs and then decide to purchase one that suits your specific needs.

Where to buy a 200Ah lithium battery?

The best place to find a high quality 200Ah lithium battery is at the Outbax online store. All our batteries are tried and tested to be ideal in any camping situation. You can order the battery of your choice through our online store and it can be delivered in as little as 3-7 days. To help protect you against any damages during the delivery process it is highly recommended you take up insurance. If you receive anything in a damaged state, while this is rare, please get in contact with one of our team members and we can start the insurance process for you.

Shopping online is the best way to get many of your camping and home improvement products. It is highly convenient as you can do it at any time and from almost any location (all you need is a clear internet connection). In addition to any 200Ah lithium battery, you require we also have 100Ah lithium batteries that can be used to increase your overall power supply. At Outbax we also sell many products including UGG boots, above ground pools, inflatable spas, and other items that can be used at your campsite or around the home.

If you have never tried ordering online before, feel free to call us at 02 888 10 333 and ask questions about our products. We will be happy to assist you.

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