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160 Watt Solar Panel

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When you 're camping or are in an area that power is required, having a 160 watt solar panel as a part of your equipment can help in keeping your lights on and your phone charged. Camping solar panels need to be light in weight and offer you quality charging time when they are deployed. Being portable they are quick to set up but strong enough that they can be left outside for the entirety of your stay. All the power solutions that we have at Outbax are designed for Australian conditions and are suitable to be used with the lithium batteries we have available. If you don't have room for a rigid style of solar panel, then you can find a suitable solar blanket. These are perfect for hikers, or anyone who is travelling in lightweight conditions.

A 160 watt solar panel is going to convert sunlight to usable DC power. It is perfect for use when you 're travelling in conditions where you are far from any other available power sources, or simply want to enjoy the benefits of electricity while acting in an off the grid manner. If you need to make use of AC power, then adding a converter and storage battery are going to give you the best in available power.

How does a solar panel work?

The way that a 160 watt solar panel works is that it captures energy from photons that are provided by the light we receive from the sun. Solar panels are the cleanest and easiest forms of energy collection. While it may not be possible to collect solar energy at all times of the day, we do receive enough light to make use of this free source of energy and power many devices.

While the exact makeup of a solar panel can be quite complex, the way they work can be explained easily. The panels are made up of solar cells, and each of these cells can capture a photon and knock off some of the electrons from its atoms. Then using conductors and some wires creates an electrical circuit. The electrons flow through this circuit and that generates electricity. By adding more solar cells, you 'll create an array of solar panel. The more solar cells, and panels you have the more energy you can collect. It 's your exact power requirements that will determine how many panels and solar cells you 'll need.

Is a 160w solar panel enough?

When thinking about purchasing a solar panel for your camping trip, there are many things to consider. The first is where you will be spending the majority of your time. In Australia, we get a fantastic amount of sunshine, but some places simply get more than others. The wattage of a particular solar panel relates to how much power it can generate in an hour. The exact amount of daylight hours can change depending on where you 're going, however, on an average day in Australia, you can expect to get at least 7 hours of good quality sunlight suitable for powering a solar panel system. A 160 watt solar panel will generate 160 watts per hour, therefore in a day, it will make approximately 1120 watts of available power.

In deciding if a 160 watt solar panel is enough to power for your needs, you 'll need to do some further calculations. In most situations, you 'll be using solar panels to charge a lithium battery rather than to power any appliance directly. Have a look at all your devices and check on how much power they 'll be using per hour. You 'll need to make sure that your solar panels can recharge the battery, so it can successfully supply appropriate amounts of power. As most batteries are marked in Ah, you 'll need to convert wattage to amperes. This calculation is wattage divided by volts, which equals amperes. To get the best out of any solar power system, your best option is to choose a system that will over-deliver by around twenty-five per cent. If you think that a solar panel may not provide enough power, or you need power in an emergency you can look at getting a portable generator to make up for the difference.

Where to buy a 160w solar panel?

The best place to buy a 160 watt solar panel is the Outbax online store. We have many different models to choose from and can offer you an excellent price on these items. All our products come with a 60 day money-back guarantee, provided you contact one of our team members within 60 days of receiving it, and it is returned in the original condition. In most cases, your items will be shipped out on the next day after we receive your order, and this means you get your packages as fast as possible. In most cases, orders are delivered in 3-7 days to all locations in Australia. You can easily use the shipping calculator on our website to see what the postage charges will be for any item.

There are many benefits to buying a 160w portable solar panel from an online store. This includes having access to many different products. As we operate out of a large warehouse, we can stock many more items than you 'd find in a regular store. All our stock is updated quickly and this means you 'll always have a good idea of if something is in stock or not. Add this to the fact that you can shop at any time and from any location, you 'll see that Outbax is the answer for all your mobile power requirements.

In addition to solar panels, we also sell many other types of equipment suitable for camping or home use, in our online shop, you 'll find above ground pools, inflatable spas, and UGG boots. When choosing your solar panels, it can be an excellent idea to pair them with a suitable 100Ah lithium battery.

If you have never tried ordering online before, feel free to call us at 02 888 10 333 and ask questions about our products. We will be happy to assist you.

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