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160W Folding Solar Panels

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In most camping situations having a 160w folding solar panel will provide you with enough power to get you through the day and night. As with all power solutions it is best to calculate exactly how much you need based on what items you 'll be using. These panels can deliver DC which is ideal for recharging lithium batteries or directly operating some items.

For those of us that like to get off the beaten track, a reliable power source can be a challenge. Luckily as Australia has some of the best sunshine available, you can use this to generate copious amounts of free energy. While the exact amount of energy you can harness from the sun may change depending on the time of year and the exact location you're travelling in, you can usually expect one 160w folding solar panel to be enough for your needs. As with all new equipment it is best to test it out at home and see if it is suitable for what you 're going to use it for. It is possible to calculate how much power you 'll need, but the math can get a little sticky. So, we 'll always recommend either using it in a safe space where you have access to a power source that can be used in an emergency before hitting the open road.

All the equipment that we sell in the Outbax online store, has been tested to handle the tough Australian conditions. Our products are designed to make your camping trip more enjoyable and to help you see much more of our amazing country. When planning out your power system, we 'd suggest looking at making it support your needs and then adding about twenty per cent more just to make sure you're covered.

Are folding solar panels any good?

If you 're looking to get a 160w folding solar panel, you 'll find they offer excellent value for money. These panels are more portable than other models as the folding component means they take up less room than standard sized units. Generally, a large set of solar panels will be quite heavy and they 'll take up a substantial amount of room in your caravan or camper. With foldable solar panels, you 're getting the same amount of power as you 'd get from a rigid set but in a more compact form.

Folding solar panels offer an excellent solution to your power needs when you 're camping or travelling in areas where reliable power is not common. They are quick to set up and can be left in place during different weather conditions, as these are durable and completely waterproof. With a 160w folding solar panel, you can expect to generate about 1120 watts of power on a day with seven hours of good sunlight. To get the most out of your panels it is recommended that they are moved during the day so they have access to as much direct sunlight as possible.

At Outbax we have sourced the best possible folding solar panels, and we have tested them for their effectiveness and quality. We stand behind them and offer all our customers a 60-day money-back guarantee. If you 're not happy with the product please get in contact with our team members and they 'll take you through the returns process. If you have any further questions about our products you can call our team Monday to Friday, 9am - 5pm. If you need additional flexibility with your solar panels, you may consider choosing from our camping solar panels, and solar blankets. You can also pair these with a suitable lithium battery, and a portable generator for any days where the sun is not shining as much as you 'd prefer.

Where can I buy a 160w folding solar panel?

The easiest place to find a suitable 160w folding solar panel for your next trip is at the Outbax online store. We have several models to choose from, and most items are shipped out from our warehouse within 24 hours of receiving your order. You 'll get your solar panels delivered to your door in approximately 3-7 days. All our orders are packed with care, and the couriers are instructed to handle them with care to make sure that it arrives without any issues. All our products are backed by our 12-month warranty which covers you for any problems due to manufacturer materials and workmanship (or 3 months if used in a commercial setting).

Shopping online is the best way to buy all you need for your camping or travelling holidays. Our shop is open at all times, and if you need something while you 're travelling you can easily get access to our store through your mobile phone or a direct internet connection. We can deliver to most locations all over Australia; provided you're in a location that can receive regular mail. You 'll find that we stock many additional parts to go with your 160w folding solar panel, for example, if you need additional wiring, or an inverter, or a suitable 100Ah lithium battery. You can contact our team during business hours if you need any assistance in deciding on what your best options are for a mobile power system.

In addition to providing all our customers with reliable power solutions, we sell many products that are excellent for camping, or at home use. In our online shop, you 'll find UGG boots, inflatable spas, above ground pools, and many other items that can help you unwind during your holidays.

If you have never tried ordering online before, feel free to call us at 02 888 10 333 and ask questions about our products. We will be happy to assist you.

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