How To Charge A Deep Cycle Battery?

How To Charge A Deep Cycle Battery?

If you've been handling batteries for some time, you've probably heard about deep cycle batteries. These power packs are quite famous in the market due to their overall quality and performance, especially in outdoor settings.

Lithium deep cycle batteries like LiFePO4 batteries in particular are the most sought-after kind as they fuse the benefits of the safest lithium battery composition with impressive deep cycling benefits.

Here's the gist for newbie battery users: A deep cycle battery is known for its ability to be discharged by up to 80% without incurring damage. This is a significant difference compared to conventional lead acid batteries, which can only be used for up to 50% of their charge. It also means a deep cycle 100Ah lithium battery is bound to last longer than an ordinary AGM battery.

The best thing about this is the extended run time it can give you without requiring a recharge, which is perfect for situations requiring extra capacity such as power outages and off grid campings. This is why many adventurers prefer deep cycle batterieseven boaters looking for an auxiliary marine battery to power their appliances on board.

What Are The Different Methods Of Charging Deep Cycle Batteries?

Battery Charger

One of the first things to remember if you're using a battery charger is to use one that is compatible with your battery composition. If you're using a LiFePO4 battery, top it off with an appropriate LiFePO4 battery charger. The same goes for other types of batteries as well. This is to ensure efficient charging that won't damage your power pack.

The best charger to use for a deep cycle battery is also a smart or multi-stage charger. This analyses your battery first before charging it according to its condition and at the same time, it goes through all 3 stages of charging required by a deep cycle battery: constant current, constant voltage, and float charge.

Next, it's also important to ensure that your charger's voltage matches your battery (usually a 12V battery) and that its amp rating is as close to the battery as possible. To calculate your charger's ideal amp rating, you can divide the Ah rating of your battery by 10, so a 100Ah battery will need a 10A charger for maximum efficiency.

Car Alternator

Alternators work generally well with lead acid batteries. However, these are not battery chargers and should not be used as one as it will never fully top off a deep cycle battery to 100%. It's more suited for recharging your primary car battery in a dual battery system, while your deep cycle battery is better off charging through a battery charger or even through solar panels.


Several portable generators have a DC outlet that you can use for battery charging. The only catch is that a lot of them also don't have built-in battery charging circuitry so you need to be extra careful if you're using these for recharging a deep cycle camping battery or caravan battery.

Newer generator models have integrated chargers that work well though, although a lot of users still go for other charging methods mainly because of the noise it makes.

Solar Power

Using renewable energy from the sun is one of the most popular ways to charge a battery, especially in off grid settings. You will need a good set of solar panels here, preferably monocrystalline ones and of course, a solar charge controller.

A solar charge controller regulates the energy generated by your solar panels which will eventually be stored in your battery and help prevent overcharging as well. They're normally purchased separately but there are solar panel models with built-in regulators too, as well as solar panel kits with an included charge controller.

Keep your deep cycle battery functioning like brand-new for years through optimal charging and proper maintenance. Pick your charging method, use the appropriate components, and make sure you know the process inside-out.

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