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What is an AGM Battery

What is an AGM Battery

The mention of AGM batteries is very common in the camping scene, mainly because they are highly preferred by a lot of campers and even RV owners. But what are AGM batteries anyway and why are they so popular?

An AGM battery is a type of sealed lead-acid battery that mostly provides support to vehicles and start-stop applications that need a high electrical output. Structure-wise, the inside of these batteries consist of positive and negative plates separated by an absorbent glass mat, which helps hold the battery's acid to prevent leakage. It has tightly compressed battery cells held under a plastic case that limits the shedding of plate material for an extended battery lifespan. In terms of application, AGM batteries are great for vehicles with lots of electronic features or plug-in accessories such as caravans and camper vans. They're one of the best choices for a caravan battery setup or even a camping battery setup because of their durable built that can withstand even harsh outdoor conditions.

Now, what are the pros of AGM batteries? First, they have twice the lifespan of standard flooded lead-acid batteries. AGM batteries last between three to five yearsnot bad for an outdoor battery. They are also designed to handle high electrical loads, so this will work well if you have a couple more appliances or devices to power. Most importantly, these batteries are built for maximum sturdiness. They are highly resistant to vibration and are totally sealed, making them almost maintenance-free. Lastly, AGM batteries deliver better cycling performance so you can expect these batteries to give you smooth, consistent power as well.

Best AGM Batteries in Australia

If you're keen on buying your first-ever AGM battery, below are a few of the most well-known AGM brands in Australia with their main features.

Giant Power 140Ah AGM Battery: The Giant Powe AGM Battery is a deep-cycle battery, so this will be perfect for off-grid campings as it's built to last for a longer time without recharging. Ideal for most 12V battery systems, this battery pack is compatible with all major battery boxes and offers up to 12 years of service life. Known for its excellent quality and durable structure from the battery body down to its terminals, it's not surprising that this was voted the best AGM Deep Cycle Battery in Australia!

Renogy AGM Battery: Need a high capacity battery? The Renogy AGM Deep-Cycle battery is perfect for you! This battery originally has 100Ah capacity but discharges to just 3% every month. How amazing is that? You even get an initial current of 30A with this plus a 2-year long warranty. While it's a little bigger than other AGM batteries in the market, this will still be useful to pack for occasional camping trips.

Weize Deep-Cycle Battery: Another AGM battery made it to the list. The Weize AGM battery is ideal for those looking for a good power pack with a tight budget. This is your standard 12V 100Ah battery backed by 1 year of warranty. Sturdy with no history of leakages, it's safe, reliable, and best of all, affordable!

Ready to buy your AGM battery? If you still need a bit more info, you can ask for assistance from your battery supplier during your purchase to make sure you get the most suitable one for your power needs. Also, if you're looking for another alternative to AGM batteries, you can go for lithium batteries insteadthey're pricier but in terms of quality, these batteries are worth your every penny too!