What Are The Best Deep Cycle Batteries?

What Are The Best Deep Cycle Batteries?

Deep cycle batteries have long carved their name as one of the most reliable power packs in the market. Ideal for a variety of applications including camping, off-grid adventures, boating, and backup power, many seasoned battery users recommend the use of a deep cycle battery for reliable, steady power that lasts for long hours.

The highlight of these batteries lies in their ability to be discharged safely up to 80% or more, as compared to other power packs that can only be used for up to 50% of their charge.

For instance, if you have a 100Ah deep cycle battery vs. a traditional lead-acid battery, you can discharge it down to 20% of its charge instead of by half only, which translates to a longer runtime. This is also why it's super handy for various applications - ever wonder why boaters prefer deep cycle marine batteries? Here's your answer.

It's also helpful to note that these batteries are available in different chemistries, so don't just punch in "best deep cycle batteries" in your search bar. Knowing how each one differs, their pros, and their disadvantages is also crucial to help you determine which one best fits your power requirements.

Types of Deep Cycle Batteries

Lead Acid

Lead acid deep cycle batteries can be categorised into three: wet/flooded, AGM, & gel. This is the oldest and cheapest among battery types, requiring more maintenance than the rest. These batteries have a high-temperature rating as well, making them suitable for under-the-bonnet installation.


AGM deep cycle batteries are considered maintenance-free and are popular among outdoor enthusiasts. These are more vibration-resistant, sealed, and have a deeper-discharge capability, perfect as boat and camping batteries.


Deep cycle gel batteries are very similar to AGM in terms of build but are designed to withstand deeper repeated charge & discharge cycles and are mostly found in industrial settings.


We're saving the best for last here, so the final one is lithium. A lithium deep cycle battery is by far the best in all aspects - weight, cycle life, performance, and safety. A great example of this would be a LiFePO4 battery.

It's light, efficient, backed with protective features from its built-in BMS, and does not explode. If you're after a 12V deep cycle battery that will last you for years & has impressive longevity, this is definitely the one for you.

What's Special About Outbax Deep Cycle Batteries?

Looking for tips on selecting the best lithium deep cycle battery? Head straight to Outbax. We got an entire range of them in different sizes and voltage levels to accommodate all kinds of outdoor power needs.

All our deep cycle lithium batteries meet AU safety standards and are tested to deliver 100% real capacity. Backed by stellar reviews across online platforms from hundreds of customers, these are guaranteed to fare well in outdoor conditions.

Here are more top tips on choosing your lithium deep cycle battery

  • Proper sizing is a must. Getting the most expensive, top-level deep cycle battery will be useless if it's not sized to accommodate all appliances you wish to power. Have a good estimate of your power consumption first before heading out to buy your battery.

  • Reviews will give you an idea of your provider's reputation and the quality of the deep cycle battery you're eyeing. Make sure to go through tons of them first, especially the ones outside the brand website.

  • A cheap deep cycle battery is most likely an inferior one. Don't get too excited about that price tag as you could end up with more expenses due to premature replacement or worse, battery explosion. Unless you've done thorough research on everything, avoid falling into the trap of cheap deep cycle battery prices.

Shop for premium quality deep cycle batteries in the comfort of your home now. Visit our website at Outbax and browse through a collection of LiFePO4 batteries and other power equipment.

We even have solar panels to use as your deep cycle battery charger, MPPT solar charge controllers, and some of the most sought-after inverter generators in the market. Outbax is all about powering adventures, so wait no more and check out your outdoor gear options here.

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