10 Unique Christmas Decor Themes You Can Try This Christmas

10 Unique Christmas Decor Themes You Can Try This Christmas

10 Unique Christmas Decor Themes You Can Try This Christmas

For people who love Christmas, December is certainly the happiest month. Nothing beats the anticipation of this worldwide celebration and some people say the wait for December 25th is even better than Christmas Day itself. Christmas in Australia is big. According to the Sydney Morning Herald, Australia is the best place to celebrate Christmas. Unlike in other parts of the world, Christmas in the country falls during the summer.

Even though this is the case, the warm temperature does not stop Aussies from having a blast during the holidays. It may be hot in Australia in December, but the country has so much to offer during this month like camping during Christmas, the White Christmas dessert, Copha, and more. Christmas in Australia is truly one of a kind. People celebrate the occasion with families and close friends. Some people give back and organise outreach programmes for people in need. Christmas decorations are also among the highlights of Australian holidays. In fact, the country is home to some of the most unique Christmas decoration themes in the world. Some people may find it weird, but here in Australia, it is a part of life. In this country, you will see some of the craziest, most awesome, and most unique Christmas decor themes possible. Who knows, after reading this article, you might pick up an idea and start decorating your home soon.

1. A Christmas Garden

Gardening, just like Christmas, is a way of life in Australia. Instead of Christmas socks, Christmas lights, garlands, wreaths, and Christmas ornaments, some people use actual flowers, plants, fruits, vegetables, and gardening tools for decors. Some people even use shovels and watering cans as Christmas decorations. It may sound crazy, but it is true. The trick is to rely on various colours to represent the sense of Christmas. This is also a cost-effective idea because you don't need to buy new decorations. You can just ransack your gardening shed, bring out the tools, and arrange them in Christmas fashion.

2. Nothing but Lights

Christmas lights are nothing new in Australia. But why keep these magnificent lights indoors or just around the Christmas tree? Why not design the whole house including the exteriors with twinkling lights? Picture your front yard and roof filled with bright lights at night. When visitors enter your gate, they will be dazzled by a burst of colours that will surely affect their mood. You can also turn your room into a dome with a 'starry night' theme. You can use laser Christmas lights with different colours and stroke effects.

3. Solar Lights

You can decorate and play with lights and become eco-friendly at the same time. Solar Christmas lights are now available all-year long. During daytime, the inside and outside parts of your home will look normal, but when the sun goes down, the lights will fill the surroundings using energy from the sun. Solar lights are trendy all over Australia and there are various designs to suit different celebrations. Not only are solar Christmas lights cost-effective and energy saving, these products are also durable and will surely last for many years. This means you can reuse them in succeeding Christmases. You won't have a problem buying them, because solar panels and lights are widely available in the market these days.

4. Inflatables Everywhere

Inflatable decorations are popular in Australia. Santa Claus, elves, Rudolph, and the snowman come in different inflatable sizes. If you want those characters filled with wind and joy, why not go all out? Some households actually put up a number of inflatable Christmas characters on their roofs. Other than the amazing collection of swinging characters, you are also giving your relatives, friends, neighbours, and others a great photo opportunity. There are a wide variety of inflatable Christmas decorations to choose from. Just be careful when placing sharp objects near them. It is best to position each item properly to avoid clutter inside or outside your home.

5. Neon Christmas Trees

It has been a tradition to put up Christmas trees inside the house. Nowadays, it is normal for Aussies to put up a bunch of neon Christmas trees all over the house, too. This stylish theme will surely put a smile on anyone's face. If this is not enough, you can also put up some icicle Christmas lights for an innovative Christmas theme. Most neon Christmas trees these days are of low voltage and can save you on energy cost. Every night will be brighter with those amazing neon Christmas trees in your front yard. Some people even synchronize neon lights with music. It is like a concert of dancing lights and sparks.

6. Christmas Lanterns and Candleholders

Some people ditch the tree completely and replace it with a bunch of DIY Christmas lanterns and candle holders. You can place these decorations all over the house starting at your doorstep so that visitors will literally get a warm welcome. The elegance of beautiful lanterns and candleholders are said to lift a person's spirit. Think about your family members gathering around the living room and everyone being kept warm by dozens of candle lights reflecting the colours of their containers. Some people even use fire logs or barks to make DIY candle holders or lanterns. Make sure to observe fire safety when using lanterns and candles, though. Being safe and happy best reflects the sense of the holidays.

7. Christmas Characters and Symbolisms

Instead of the usual Christmas gang consisting of Santa Claus, Rudolph, Baby Jesus, elves and the snowman, why not invite more to the party? Throughout the years, thousands of Christmas characters were introduced via movies, music, and more. You can have the Grinch over or maybe Jack Skellington. Do not forget Anna, Elsa, Olaf, and Sven. You can buy Christmas decorations inspired by a number of beloved Christmas medleys like the Sugar Plum Fairy or maybe even The Nutcracker and the Mouse King. It is not only for decorations, by the way. You can also wear Christmas outfits showing famous icons from Christmas films and Christmas cartoons. On Christmas Eve, instead of exchanging gifts, why not exchange favourite Christmas characters and share how these characters inspire you during Christmas? Another idea -- why not plan a Christmas-themed movie marathon during the holidays? You can get a dose of It's a Wonderful Life followed by the Home Alone trilogy.

8. Christween or Hallomas

As December immediately follows November, why not combine the two in terms of decors? Instead of spending hours putting away Halloween decorations, try to recycle everything and add a little theme of the Christmas holidays? That pumpkin head can be turned into a Christmas lantern. Give Mr. Skeleton a Santa hat and he will surely make a lot of heads turn. Other than saving hours of work, you can spend less cash by simply putting up old decorations from the Halloween and redesigning them for the Yuletide. If you also have some leftover candies from the last month, why not distribute them to people passing by your home. There is no need to wear costumes or say trick or treat. Just hand out candies to people and say no tricks, just treats. To liven things up, try to purchase one of those Christmas light projectors. With the Christmas-Halloween decorations and the dancing lights, people might think you're having a party all December long. Just make sure not to go hard core with the Halloween scare. Establish a fine line between a spooky Halloween and a lively Christmas. That sounds like a great celebration.

9. Mini Christmas

Christmas is filled with items in bigger sizes such as trees, ornaments, lights, stars, wreaths, and cookies. Try to be a minimalist for a change. There are a lot of mini Christmas decorations out there and all you have to do is think small. By being different, you can fill your home with more decors in smaller sizes. You can put not only one Christmas tree, but a bunch of small trees all over the house. You can also gather the entire Christmas gang into one platform. Have a blast baking and cooking Christmas food in smaller portions. If you are on a budget, you can also design your own decorations with the entire family. You can assign the kids to bake cookies, your grandparents to knit pretty ribbons, and the adults to be creative with the ornaments made out of materials already available in the house. Wouldn't it be a memorable and amazing Christmas experience?

10. Nature's Christmas

As Christmas in Australia takes place in the middle of summer, you can easily get materials from nature and turn them into something beautiful and useful. You can transform fire logs into candle holders, flower wreaths, pinecone wreaths, bark lanterns, evergreen ornaments, and more. Nature has so much to offer. We can take advantage of nature's bounties to decorate the house with a more natural, yet festive appeal. Many Aussies these thousands of money by going natural when it comes to Christmas decorations. That is just one benefit. Natural materials also bring beneficial effects on our body and mood. By being eco-friendly, you are saving energy, giving back to nature, and inspiring other people to give back as well. To put Christmas on a whole new level, some Australians actually go camping during the holidays to appreciate God's creations. Many would go camping and hiking for many nights to be one with nature and enjoy the majestic night sky. If you decide to set up camp on Christmas, you can make it festive by bringing Christmas lights with you. These ten Christmas themes are just among the few ideas that can help you become different or unique from the rest of your neighbours. However, do not limit your options to this list. If you can, why not come up with unique ideas of your own? It is also best to lay everything out before December comes. Make sure to have a Christmas game plan.

An Important Reminder

Christmas in Australia is a special holiday for residents and visitors alike. The country becomes a preferred travel destination for millions of tourists escaping winter from the Northern Hemisphere. A unique Christmas theme with a summer feel will be most appreciated by travellers from all over the world. As Christmas is usually dry in Australia, authorities remind people of the possibility of bushfires or wildfires. People need to be prepared for fire emergencies to ensure safety throughout the holidays and until February of the coming year.

Time to Prepare

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