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Leaf Blowers

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A leaf blower is one of the most useful tools for keeping your garden neat and healthy. Here at Outbax, our cordless leaf blowers are easy to maintain and use, and powerful enough to handle most gardening needs. The 6-speed adjustment makes it a versatile tool for more than just gardening work. Apart from keeping your garden and yard neat, you can use it to blow away leaves that clog up your roof gutters. Just finished washing your car? You can use our cordless leaf blower to dry your car quickly and give it a better finish after a wash.

The main difference between leaf blowers and leaf blower vacuums is that the latter can also suck the leaves up into a collection bag. However, there are pros and cons to both versions.

Leaf Blowers


Typically quicker and easier to use.
Don't get blocked and damaged by sucking up stones and debris.


Can't pick up leaves.

Leaf Vacuums


You don't need to spend time picking up leaves manually.


Some can't suck up damp or large amounts of leaves.
Some can be tricky to switch from blow to vacuum mode.

Types of Leaf Blowers and Leaf Blower Vacuums

Cordless leaf blowers and vacuums

Cordless leaf blowers are typically more expensive, as you're paying for the advantage of not having a power cord. Perfect for clearing complicated gardens with lots of nooks and crannies, cordless models also tend to be simple to use and easy to store. The smaller models are great for clearing small patios where you need to blow leaves out from around pots.

They're also ideal for borders, as they won't destroy your plants with strong blasts of air, and are excellent at clearing dust from sheds. However, they aren't super powerful, so if you've got a lot of heavy, damp leaves to clear, they won't be up to the job.


Simple to use.
Easy to store.
Suited to smaller gardens and great for clearing complicated layouts.


Some lack the power to clear lots of heavy or damp leaves.

Corded Electric Leaf Blowers and Vacuums

Corded electric models that you plug into the mains are generally the cheapest option. They're ideal for use in smaller gardens, but a bit of a pain if you need to use your blower remotely or around large obstacles such as trees or ponds.

The budget models tend to have parallel blow and vac tubes, and you can change between them with a flick of a switch. This is is very convenient, not least because it means you can clear some blockages by changing from vac to blow mode.

Petrol Leaf Blowers and Vacuums

Petrol leaf blowers are the most powerful - and the most heavy and noisy - machines, making them perfect for gardeners with a large outdoor space. Just like cordless models, petrol leaf blowers are also great for working remotely or getting around larger obstacles such as trees, ponds or garden furniture, because they don't have a cord.

All you need is a can of petrol and you can work for hours. You can choose between handheld and backpack models. Although handheld is normally the cheaper option, backpack versions put much less strain on your arms and are easier to handle. If you pick a petrol model, you'll need to remember to have it serviced regularly to keep it running smoothly.


Powerful - great for larger gardens.
Great if you need to work remotely.
Backpack models available.


Needs to be serviced regularly.
Heavy and noisy.

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