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Cordless Tools

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Cordless tools have become increasingly popular over the years among homeowners and professionals alike, due to its performance and convenience. It has replaced many old corded tools with advanced features and superior technology. At Outbax, our cordless power tools for home and garden work all come with excellent hand grips so you can use them safely and conveniently. Many of our products are lightweight and can be operated with one hand. Most importantly, are products are specifically designed to be compact to ease the strain on the user 's hands.

It is possible to get more work around your home and garden done because you do not have to worry about using an extension cord. You can bring our cordless tools with you anywhere. High capacity lithium ion batteries ensure long use and quick charging. After all, home and garden work cannot wait so your power tools must be ready at all times.

Cordless power tools are the big thing in every contractor and tradesman 's tool bag. We all love cordless tools because it 's so much more convenient to use a cordless screwdriver in lieu of a standard screwdriver that requires us to twist our hand and wrist 50 times to deal with one screw or a heavy and clumsy corded drill. The convenience of removing 10 screws per room just to replace fixtures with a quick push of a button for each one is much nicer than manually removing and replacing them.

Electricians are no strangers to power tools and the need for safe and reliable tools for the job. Power tools definitely have their place, but the biggest question seems to be whether to use corded or cordless power tools. Some electricians prefer corded over cordless where others say they couldn 't get by without their cordless tools. So let 's look at some of the advantages of using cordless power tools over their corded counterparts.

Reasons Cordless Power Tools May Be Better Than Corded Power Tools

This is the subject of quite a lot of debate on trade and construction forums. We tend to take the side of the cordless power tools simply for the convenience and the ergonomics. So we 've geared this article toward how cordless tools are replacing the electrician 's corded tools, and why. But we know you want more than just our opinion, so we 're sharing the facts surrounding the issue, not just our thoughts on it.

The Ultimate in Convenience

Convenience is a big deal these days. You don 't have to carry a generator with you for those times that you don 't have an immediate power source on the property. No more stringing a 50 foot extension cord from one end of the structure to the other just to use the drill or screwdriver. All you have to do is make sure to keep an extra charged battery on hand, and you 're good to go.

Mobile Charging Capability

Many tradesmen keep a small power inverter in their truck. We never know when we 're going to need a standard outlet, so it 's always better to play it safe than to be sorry. This is the perfect way to make sure you always have a battery charged, in the truck, and waiting for when it is needed.

Light and Compact

Cordless power tools are lighter and more compact than corded power tools. They can tuck away into a tool belt or much more easily because you don 't have to worry about the cord. Lighter tools still get the job done, you just don 't have to put forth so much effort to do it.

Buying cordless tools for the first time and not sure which one to get for your home or garden? No worries! At Outbax, we have a team of friendly experts who can help.

Give us a call today at 02 888 10 333 and we will be happy to answer your questions and assist you in your purchase.

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