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Cordless Multi Tools

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If you are someone who firmly believes that anything in your house can be turned into a DIY project, then investing in one of our cordless multi tools will make a lot of sense. After all, why go out of your way to get individual power tools, when you can get a lot of your DIY home projects done using one nifty power tool, right?

Our cordless multi tool can handle a number of different projects: you can use it to fix your drywall: trim down panels, cut out electric switch holes and even doors. You can use it to cut base boards and even use it for sanding and even grout removal.

Because it does not come with an electric cord, this multi tool can easily be used in tight areas, allowing you to get more done in half the time and effort.

What is a Multi Tool?

The Oscillating Multi Tool was originally used in the medical profession as a way to remove plaster casts easily and without cutting or hurting the patient. Fein, manufacturers of the Multi Master, saw this as an opportinity and gained the rights to produce a power tool version in 1985.

What is a Multi Tool used for and why do I need one?

Multi cutters, or multitools, have been around for a few short years, now, but for many tradespeople they 're the proverbial “get out of jail free” card. It appears that for those jobs your “regular” professional power tools aren 't quite right for, a multi-cutter can come to your rescue.

The idea behind multi cutting tools is simple; create a tool that, via an oscillating head, can cut, grind, sand, scrape and more. The head oscillates (ie. moves from side to side, but not in a circular motion) whatever accessory or tool has been attached to it, thereby providing you the means to scrape, cut, grind and so on, but to do so in tight spaces and where power cords can 't go. The versatility of these tools is dependent on the cutters and accessories that are fitted to the oscillating head. Therefore having the flexibility to use different brands of accessory is important, and potential cost-saving.

With the right accessory fitted to your machine you 'll be able to sand, grind, cut and scrape in areas impractical for most other tools, or for jobs where - perhaps traditionally - hand and elbow power may be preferred!

Another important factor to consider is the speed of oscillation, measured in oscillations per minute, and whether this speed is variable. The higher the top speed of oscillation is, the more powerful the multi tool is. However, being able to dial the speed down allows for more considered or delicate tasks.

What are the benefits of buying a cordless multi tool?

Like any cordless power tool, not being dependent upon a tethered power supply gives you the freedom and flexibility to work anywhere, particularly in tight or difficult to reach places, typically where a good quality oscillating multi tool comes into it 's own.

But as with any cordless tool, the main drawbacks for you will be in sacrificing the motor power available to you from a corded multi cutter, coupled with the amount of runtime your battery will provide. Therefore, it 's wise to look for a cordless multi cutter from a manufacturer who 's batteries you already own.

Regardless of which make or model you go for, corded or cordless, there 's no doubt that your new multitool will enable you to do loads of jobs that would perhaps be a struggle for conventional power tools

As mentioned above, though, getting it to do the right job in the right way is always dependent on you using the correct accessory.

Ready to buy one? Give us a call today at 02 888 10 333 to learn more about our cordless power tools!

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