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Neovolta Power Tools

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Every carpenter and DIY enthusiast is always on the hunt for tools that are durable, compact and versatile. To meet the demands of our loyal consumers, leading power tool retailer Outbax continues to offer an excellent range of power tools, while focusing our efforts on customer orientation.

Cordless power tools are continuing to transform the way handymen work, enabling more people to do repairs and projects for their own jobs or leisure. A lightweight, ergonomically-designed, and versatile ready-to-use option that increases ease of use, it is easy to see why handymen are making the switch from corded to cordless tools.

Power efficiency
Cordless tools with lithium-ion technology are light and compact but big in power, providing maximum energy needed for heavy-duty jobs that require consistent power, load, and charge. Its advances in battery technology make every cordless tool ready to use any time.

Convenience is a huge plus in owning cordless tools. Whether in the garage, shelf, or case, cordless tools are easy to store. As they are battery-powered, independence from wires and cables has become an attractive benefit among users. This is especially useful for doing multiple jobs in areas- including outdoors - where electricity is remotely accessed. Its portability provides an additional advantage in rendering construction projects or repairs in cramped and distant places.

Cordless tools have made leaps and bounds for productivity thanks to its highly-capable lithium-ion batteries and ergonomic industrial design. Cordless tools also feature special functions, such as a built-in light, which are intended to maximize comfort particularly in odd areas beyond reach. These improvements allow users to save up time and expenses from too much work.

The ease of use plus the quality performance is what makes Neovolta the ultimate power tool companion for budding and expert craftsmen. Driven by the promise to offer first-class tools, Neovolta is relentless in developing reliable, powerful and robust cordless tools guaranteed to achieve professional results.

Through the years, tools have evolved from manual drilling guns to innovative cordless power tools. With its improved technology, upgraded models, and accessories, cordless power tools are more reliable in various applications. Users can work their way even through the strongest material minus the sweat. Be it for big building projects or house fixing, cordless tools are tailored to meet limitless demands.

Safety tips when using Neovolta power tools
Tens of thousands of emergency room visits occur every year because of accidents involving hand and power tools. Don 't become another statistic. Proper safety measures reduce the risk of injury and help jobs get done faster. The first step in the equation is safety gear.

While a person may not need equipment when using a manual wrench, there are equipment items recommended when using a drill, saw, hammer or a variety of other tools - powered and non-powered.

The PFE most recommended includes:

Thick industrial gloves designed to protect the hands.
Safety glasses designed to protect the eyes from projectiles.
Hard hats used to protect the wearer from potential falling material.
Boots designed to protect the feet from injury.
Proper PPE can go a long way in ensuring safety of the user. If safety gear is neglected, the risks of injury are exponentially higher.

Power tools come with an instruction manual because they can be very dangerous at times. Improper operation, even for a split second, can cause serious injury. Every manufacturer will provide an instruction manual on how to use a desired power tool.

Failure to read this manual is the user 's fault.

The manual will provide invaluable information designed to:

Demonstrate how to use the tool.
Reduce the risk of injury.
Increase the safety of the user.
The manual may also provide in-depth instructions on what PPE is recommended when using a tool.

Quality tools need to be maintained and inspected, too. Always inspect the tool prior to usage to look for any:

Power tools that go on the fritz need to be properly maintained before usage. Routine maintenance and inspection can help prevent a silly injury from occurring.

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