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Pressure Washers

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Let's admit it-cleaning requires a lot of hard work be it your house, car, or a large furniture. Thankfully, the existence of pressure washers has made the job so much easier & faster, which is why many are opting to get their own as well.  Pressure washers are part hose and part air compressor. It works by powering a water pump to produce a high pressure of water which helps in effective cleaning and saves you a lot of time too. 

These handy power cleaning tools don't just clean surfaces but remove old, peeling layers of products that can cause problems later on such as mould, mildew, and algae. Pressure cleaning may primarily be for tidying up spaces, but they offer lots of other benefits as well. 

For one, it can help increase your home's value in case you're planning to sell it. Complete removal of dust, allergens, and irritants through deep cleaning also protects your family's health and keeps your living conditions comfortable. 

Regarding accessibility, you'll probably get a ton of results when you search pressure washers online. Some of the most popular brands in the market are Karcher pressure washers and Bunnings pressure washers. 

Here at Outbax, we also have a variety of units to choose from, all built for maximum portability and effectiveness. Interested? Visit our website and start browsing for the best pressure washer for you!

What Power Sources Are Available For Pressure Washers?

One of the first things you need to consider about pressure washers is power source. This impacts several aspects of your cleaning tool such as maintenance and running costs, so it's important that you choose something that best fits your needs. There are currently three standard power types for pressure cleaners: Electric, Petrol, & Diesel. 

Electric Pressure Washers

These pressure cleaners are extremely popular because of their low running costs, quiet operation, and fume-free mechanism. They're best suited for near, fixed locations and are safe to use indoors as well. The only downside of these is the requirement of a cable, which limits the washer's mobility. If you're working in constantly changing locations, this might not be the right pressure washer for you.

Petrol Pressure Washers

A petrol-fueled power cleaner allows better mobility and also has lower upfront costs. It usually comes with four wheels for easy manoeuvering, however, this also causes it to be heavier in case you need to take it somewhere else. Also, it requires you to carry a separate fuel source and water supply. 

If you happen to have a ute or trailer you can connect it to, then this would be an excellent option for mobile cleaning operations. It is also worth noting that petrol pressure washers typically have higher maintenance costs because of the machine and might not be applicable for extended hours of cleaning jobs.

Diesel Pressure Washer

If efficiency is a priority, you can never go wrong with diesel pressure washers. They come with more expensive price tags but are perfect for long hours of use and have a higher flow rate which equates to fast-cleaning action. These heavy-duty pressure washers are commonly used in industrial settings and are often trailer-mounted for easy mobility. 

Another type of cleaner that's gaining more attention is cordless pressure washers. Usually used for lighter applications such as cleaning furniture in outdoor lounge settings, they're battery-powered, lightweight, and just as effective when used in applications appropriate for them. 

A good example of this would be our Neovolta 40V Brushless Cordless Pressure Washer. Backed by a lithium battery, it features an adjustable nozzle and a soap applicator for convenience all in a handy 2.54kg unit.

How To Choose From Different PSI of Pressure Washers?

A high pressure washer is great but guess what-you don't always need it. A power cleaning tool's pressure is determined by its PSI rating and can be classified as light, medium, heavy, and extra heavy duty. 

Light Duty (1500-1900 PSI)

Ideal mostly for household cleaning, light-pressure washers are perfect for regular maintenance and removing mild stains and dust. They're often used for the exterior of a house such as driveways and are also suited for everyday vehicles or patio furniture like outdoor bar carts

Medium Duty (2000-2800 PSI)

Dirt build-up would require something more powerful and this is your weapon for it. Stubborn stains? Stuck grime on the side of your walls? Give them a good hose and watch it fade in no time. Important: This shouldn't be used as one of your car accessories for maintenance. The pressure can break your windows and dent the exterior of your ride, so it's better to wipe those clean instead. 

Heavy Duty (2900-3200 PSI)

Have a bigger ride like a boat or yacht? A heavy-duty pressure washer is great for keeping it squeaky clean. It's also perfect for larger driveways, sidewalks, and surfaces that need to be repainted. 

Extra Heavy Duty (3300+ PSI)

Extra heavy duty pressure washers provide an effective cleaning solution for industrial settings such as construction, food service, and more. These can even clean paint and graffiti on walls at 4000 PSI and above!

Ready to buy your own pressure washer? Of course, you also have to consider other factors such as flow rates and water temperature before hitting the stores or ordering one online. It's always best to do your research to find out the best pressure washer for your cleaning requirements to get good value for your money-and also not accidentally break something by getting the wrong pressure rating!

Once you're all set, don't forget to see our available pressure washers here at Outbax. We have a variety of home & garden items here including gym equipment such as exercise bikes too! You'll definitely end up browsing more than just pressure washers once you visit our site. 

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