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Making use of solar batteries in Brisbane is generally a good idea. This Queensland city is blessed with a subtropical climate that allows it to enjoy warm sunshine all year long, meaning it has favourable weather for solar energy use. The combo of solar panels and solar battery storage whether for home use or for outdoor applications such as camping and caravanning is a great way to reduce costs. 

Aside from saving up, using solar batteries in Brisbane is an eco-friendly way of getting power output. So basically, you get to store electricity during the day and use it whenever you want, camp out in off-grid locations, and help the environment while enjoying the outdoors. It's no wonder a lot of people search for solar batteries Brisbane-the benefits you'll get are definitely worth every penny. 

Why Use Solar Batteries in Brisbane?

Let's tackle more about why solar batteries in Brisbane are an excellent investment. Number one, reducing your dependency on the grid will eventually lead to a decrease in monthly electricity bills. This is especially relevant in a sunny city like Brisbane. Regular storage of energy in a solar battery for later use is great for long-term savings whether you choose to use it every evening or whenever energy consumption is higher.

Solar batteries in Brisbane are also great as a backup power source in case of power interruptions. A great tip for this is to go for a solar deep cycle battery since this has 80% DoD which allows for a longer run time. 

It was mentioned earlier that solar panel batteries are the best power packs for the environment as well. These batteries create little pollution compared to grid electricity and it reduces noise pollution as well. Solar batteries run quietly compared to other backup power sources like standby generators, supplying you with reliable electricity that won't disturb your neighbours.

For outdoor adventurers like caravanners and 4WD owners, adding a solar-powered battery to their vehicle allows for convenient off-grid camping. Simply charge your battery using solar panels during the day and you'll have enough power to stay in remote camping areas. 

Just make sure to use a solar charge regulator to keep your battery from overcharging. This could either be a Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) controller or a Maximum Power Point Tracker (MPPT) regulator, whichever one fits your system best.

What Are the Types of Solar Batteries In Brisbane?

There are several options if you're planning to use solar batteries in Brisbane. Below are some of the best ones used in the area:

Lead-Acid Batteries

Lead-acid batteries have long-established a name in the battery market. They are often used as camping batteries and also pair well with solar panels. These batteries can be categorised into AGM batteries, flooded lead-acid batteries, and gel batteries. They're most ideal for applications requiring high amounts of load current too. 

Lithium-ion Batteries

This one is another popular name when it comes to battery types. Despite being known to explode under high temperatures, lithium-ion batteries are popular as solar batteries in Brisbane for their high energy density and low maintenance feature. 

Flow Batteries

While flow batteries are not commonly heard, these power packs are usually used in factories and offices as a backup electricity source. They are suited for high-power applications, which makes them good solar battery storage as well. 

Sodium Nickle Chloride Batteries

This unique battery type boasts a number of advantages over the previously-mentioned power packs. For one, it has a versatile operating temperature range from -20°C to 60°C. It's also non-toxic and eliminates the risk of fires due to its composition. The only downside of these batteries is the expensive cost and shorter lifespan, which might not be cost-effective especially if you're on a budget.

LiFePO4 Batteries

Lithium iron phosphate batteries or simply LiFePO4 batteries have been gaining attention as the safest batteries on the market. These power packs do not combust nor catch fire, perfect even for newbie campers. You win in efficiency and lifespan with a LiFePO4 as well. Equipped with a built-in battery management system (BMS) for optimal cell performance and backed with up to a decade of service life, these batteries might be pricey but they're definitely worth every penny. 

How Much Are Solar Batteries in Brisbane?

The price of solar batteries in Brisbane depends on size, battery type, and brand. On average, they range from $6000 to $16000 excluding installation and solar panel costs. One of the most popular solar batteries for home is the Tesla Powerwall series which starts at around $11,000. The Tesla Powerwall 2 in particular costs up to $13,700 including installation. These can be pricey, but don't worry, you have other options that are more budget-friendly too.

If you're looking for affordable solar batteries in Brisbane, we have some of the best LiFePO4 packs here at Outbax! These are great for camping and as backup power plus, you'll have different options to choose from. We have slimline lithium batteries here, 24V batteries if you need something with a higher output, and more. You get incredible power without breaking the bank and can even avail of great deals on special holidays and seasonal sales-how awesome is that!

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