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Portable 12v Lithium Battery Pack

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Portable lithium battery packs 12v are one of the best choices you have for camping power. Aside from its compact and lightweight form, lithium is known to have several advantages over other batteries in terms of overall quality. A single 12v lithium battery pack is up to 50% lighter than a conventional lead-acid battery with twice the amount of power. It's definitely the perfect camping battery to bring during outdoor adventures or install in any recreational vehicle. 

You also have a lot of choices for portable lithium battery packs 12v. The most popular ones would be the lithium-ion batteries and the lithium iron phosphate batteries. Lithium-ion is mostly used to power gadgets but in some cases are used as recreational batteries too. However, this lithium battery type is famous for exploding, making it not so safe to use for your camping trips. The lithium iron phosphate or LiFePO4 battery specifically has been gaining tons of attention for its top-notch efficiency and additional safety features. It's famous for the built-in BMS that protects against common battery issues and ensures maximum performance with every use. LiFePO4 batteries also do not explode nor catch fire, perfect for family outings. 

How Long Do Portable Lithium Battery Packs 12V Last?

The lifespan of lithium battery packs 12V depends on what type of battery it is. A li-ion battery lasts for around five years only. A LiFePO4 can last for up to seven years and more with proper maintenance. Despite its higher initial costs, going for a LiFePO4 actually helps you save more especially if you're an avid camper who uses batteries regularly. Want something that wins in both service life and runtime? Try lithium deep cycle batteries. These batteries have a cycle life of over 2,000 and can last for up to a decade. Additionally, a deep-cycle battery has an 80% DoD, allowing you to power your camping appliances for longer without requiring a recharge. We have tons of impressive lithium deep cycle battery reviews at Outbax, so you might want to check out our power packs the next time you plan to enjoy the great outdoors.

How Long Does It Take To Charge Portable Lithium Battery Packs 12V?

The charging time of portable lithium battery packs 12V depends on a lot of factors such as their discharge level, charger amps, and overall battery health. Let's say you have five empty 100Ah lithium batteries and a 100-amp charger. It's safe to assume that you can fully charge them in about five hours as well. However, not all batteries will be at the same state of charge and chargers come in different power outputs too. If you're using solar energy to charge your batteries, you also have to be mindful of your solar panel efficiency, peak sun hours, and weather condition. There are several ways of charging portable lithium battery packs 12V and each one has a different time frame but the most important thing to consider is that you are recharging them properly. Make sure you are using the appropriate 12V lithium battery charger and if you're doing it with solar, see to it that you use a solar charge controller to regulate the power that goes into your battery and prevent overcharging as well. 

How Do I Charge Portable Lithium Battery Packs 12V From Another 12V Battery?

You can top off your portable lithium battery packs 12V either through parallel or series connections. Just make sure you're using batteries of the same type and voltage level. When connecting your 12V lithium batteries in parallel, make sure that each battery pack is within 0.1V of each other before starting to reduce the risk of imbalance between them. If you're charging a 12V LiFePO4 battery, the maximum charging voltage should be between 14V-14.2V. 

If you're recharging your LiFePO4 batteries in series, keep each battery between 0.05V of each other. In case they go out of balance, remember that they should be >0.05V from each other and charge them individually to rebalance. It is also recommended to use a multi-bank charger for this to help each battery charge separately and maintain balance within the cells.

Why Use Portable Lithium Battery Packs 12V?

As mentioned earlier, lithium batteries have a lot of advantages over other batteries. For one, they pack a lot of power but are significantly lighter. There are even slimline lithium battery versions for those with limited space in their campsites or RVs. The impressive life cycle of lithium batteries also makes them perfect as part of a 4x4 dual battery setup. Aside from the safer composition, these batteries also fare better in extreme weather conditions. Packing a LiFePO4 gives you additional peace of mind no matter where you choose to camp out not only because of its efficiency but with its long-lasting durability and versatility too. 

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