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Golf cart Batteries

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Like it says on the box, golf cart batteries are generally used to power golf carts. Golf cart batteries are usually deep-cycle batteries in three sizes: 6, 8 and 12v varieties. Golf carts have risen in popularity over the years and are used on the green and transport in other situations. For example, you can spot golf carts in towns, across university and school campuses and in retirement villages. Golf carts are also popular with maintenance teams as a quiet and cleaner alternative to other vehicles, especially where a transport system with loud engines and fumes would be totally out of place, such as zoos and parks.

Golf carts can get a lot of use in a day, so golf cart batteries often go through full charge and discharge every day. Whether using new or more traditional technology, they need to be of good quality and extra durable.

Are golf cart batteries safe?

Just like using any other form of battery, your attitude towards batteries for golf carts should always be safety first, and it 's important to know how to handle, charge and maintain your golf cart batteries correctly. This will be different depending on the kind of golf cart battery you have, but being informed and doing the right thing will go a long way to avoiding nasty accidents. It will also extend the life of your battery.

A lot of golf cart batteries on the market are lead acid batteries such as flooded lead-acid batteries, AGM batteries and gel batteries. These types of golf cart batteries all contain the chemical sulphuric acid, which can cause severe burns. This is particularly the case with the flooded lead acid batteries, as they are the most prone to spillage and leaking. Regardless of your battery type, it 's a good idea to wear protective gear when handling golf cart batteries.

When charging your golf cart batteries, it 's really important to take care as well. The first thing to do when charging your battery is to make sure to use the correct charger. Using the wrong charger with voltage that does not match your battery can cause a number of issues, including sulfation of the negative plate from an underpowered charger and corrosion on the positive plate from an overpowered charger. Overcharging can also occur when golf batteries are left on the charger after they have been fully charged. Fortunately, this is not so much a problem nowadays as a lot of chargers have timers to shut the charger off automatically, so you can set and forget. However, if you are still running a manual charger, that 's something to keep an eye on definitely. Setting a timer will help you to remember to turn it off and avoid potential safety issues.

Not only do you need the correct type of charger and to avoid overcharging, but you also need to make sure that you charge your golf cart batteries in a safe location. This is because a lot of golf cart batteries also produce hydrogen and oxygen gases when they are being charged. Hydrogen and oxygen gases are explosive, so a battery needs to be charged in a well-ventilated area to avoid these fumes becoming trapped. Of course, it also means that when charging your battery, it needs to be kept away from any sparks or flames, even in a well-ventilated area. Do not smoke when you are recharging your golf cart batteries.

Maintenance of your battery is also important to ensure that it is as safe as it can be. Keeping your battery well maintained by ensuring clean and not corroded is a key maintenance activity. Corrosion of your golf cart batteries can lead to a fire in the right circumstances, such as hot and dry weather. Furthermore, some types of golf cart batteries also need to have the water and electrolyte levels maintained. This needs to be done because if a battery becomes too dry, it may explode.

What are the benefits of using golf cart batteries?

Golf cart batteries used correctly will keep a steady current of energy and your golf cart running smoothly and well. This will ensure a great day out on the course or ease of transport around your desired location. One clear advantage of traditional golf cart battery design is that they have thick plates. They are long-lasting and can also handle discharge and recharge more regularly without much effect on their lifespan. Suppose you are choosing a lithium-ion battery for your golf cart. In that case, its lifespan will be much longer than the other types, approximately 2000 to 5000 cycles, which can be up to ten times the performance of a traditional battery.

Choosing golf cart batteries for your golf cart over other batteries such as car batteries, for example, also means that your golf cart is going to have the extended flow of current it needs over and over again during the day, so it will run better and more easily.
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