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Camper Trailer Battery

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Camper trailers are one of the popular recreational vehicles used by Aussies aside from caravans and camper vans. As with all RVs, it's not enough to simply hop in the driver's seat and take off. If you're going on a road trip for a couple of days or planning an off-grid camping adventure, having a reliable portable power source is a must. You don't want to eat cold food nor do you want to be drenched in your own sweat during the summer season. RVs could have one or two batteries.

While these can provide you with enough power to run basic appliances, it will be even better if there is a constant source of charge to your battery is always topped up and ready to be used. You can use either shore power, generator, vehicle engine, or RV solar panel for this but most of the time, RV owners like to install a solar power system to get renewable energy.

What Type of Battery Do I Need For a Camper Trailer?

There are four batteries you can choose from to power your camper trailer: AGM, gel, lithium, and lead carbon. AGM and gel batteries have long-established their presence in the camping niche, while the latter two are relative newcomers. Lithium batteries are gaining pretty good traction though, specifically the lithium iron phosphate battery better known as LiFEPO4.

The best battery for camper trailer would be deep-cycle batteries, especially deep-cycle LiFEPO4. Backed with an 80% DoD, this battery type boasts a long life of up to 2,000 cycles and improved safety during use. It can run your equipment for an extended period of time compared to traditional batteries that usually have a 50% DoD, making it perfect for outdoor use. Combine it with the benefits of a LiFEPO4 lithium battery and you've got the most reliable unit to keep your appliances up and running smoothly. However, remember that if you're going for an RV lithium battery for your camper trailer, it's best to install a solar panel system as well to easily charge your battery after use. This is a great camper trailer battery set up you can go for if you are a fan of going on road trips from time to time.

How Does a Camper Trailer Battery Charge?

Charging your camper trailer battery can be done using several methods depending on where you will be using it. The most common way to charge your trailer battery box would be to plug it into 110V at your campground. To do this, you will need a camper trailer battery charger and trickle charge them once full. You can also opt for a generator or a tow vehicle although this is a slower way of topping up your battery. Installing solar panels on your travel trailer is also a good way to recharge your batteries. If you're going for this method, calculate the amount of wattage you will need first. Usually, solar installations are from 100W to 400W and above. Last but not the least, a stand-alone battery charger would work just as well too.

The best way out of all these would be the first one. Using an onboard charger and connecting it to a 110V volt shore power will rapidly charge your batteries, then shift to a slower charging process before finally moving on to trickle charging to keep your batteries fully topped off. When doing this charging method, remember to always use a surge protector when plugging into a 110V power.

How Long Does a Camper Trailer Battery Last?

Deep-cycle RV batteries can last for up to 6 years with proper maintenance. If not used correctly, you might need to replace it for up to 2 years only so it's always handy to know some tips on how to extend your camper trailer battery's life. First, recharging a discharged battery as soon as possible makes all the difference as sulfation during low charge level is one of the leading causes of battery decline. Never let your battery discharge below its voltage level. For example, a 12V battery actually has 12.7 volts. If you let it discharge below 12V or 50% state of charge, this may shorten your battery's lifespan. You can use a digital voltmeter for this to easily track your battery's voltage level. Also, avoid exposing your RV battery to hot temperatures and as much as possible, try not to overcharge them. Opting for a LiFEPO4 battery might be the solution for this problem, as it is equipped with a battery management system (BMS) that helps prevent overheating and overcharging.

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Whether you're planning to install a camper trailer dual battery set up or just the usual one, having a reliable camping battery pack is the key. Here at Outbax, we have a range of lithium batteries for sale including LiFEPO4 that you can choose from. Wanting to install a solar power system? You're sure to find good solar panels on our site too. We even have other portable power sources like inverter generators to accommodate any camper. Best of all, our products are priced reasonably yet they are guaranteed to be of high quality, so you get to save a bit while enjoying your camping trip!

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