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4WD Solar Panel

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The exact 4WD solar panel that you need for camping or travelling is going to rely on several different things. The first is where you 'll be travelling and what time of year it is. On average Australia gets about seven hours of good sunlight that is suitable for charging solar panels. Most solar panels are measured in the number of watts they can produce in an hour, so to work out how much power they can generate you 'll take their rated wattage and multiply it by the number of hours they 'll spend out in the sun. So, on an average day, you can reasonably expect a portable 12v solar panel rated for 200W to produce 1400 watts of power.

Ideally, this will be used to charge an appropriate lithium battery, and then you 'll have access to that power later in the day, or at any time you need it. Next is figuring out which 4WD solar panel is best for you. To discover this, you 'll need to do some calculations. Figure what you're planning on running and for how long and then add up all the watts those items will require. Some equipment might be measured in Ah, for those you'll need to convert it to watts. After you have the calculations completed, it 's best to add at least an additional twenty-five per cent to that total. This will help protect you against any issues that may affect solar power charging, such as inclement weather. As with all new camping equipment it is best to give it a test run in a controlled situation, we 'd recommend using it in a place where you have access to grid power. This will make sure that everything is working smoothly, and saves you from sorting it out on the fly.

How can 4WD solar panels be used in camping?

The best use for a 4WD solar panel while camping is for charging lithium batteries which can supply you with power after the sun has gone down. They can also be used to charge some products that can handle taking direct current. When you go camping one of the things that people miss the most is having access to many of the creature comforts that we use every day. Your exact power needs will be reliant on what items you wish to power. For larger campsites, you may need several batteries supported by the appropriate 4WD solar panel. If you need to charge up your phone or laptop, you may need to use a voltage converter between the solar panel and your equipment so you don 't overload them, but as the energy is free and available it can be a good option when you're keeping off the grid.

The way that you choose to enjoy the great outdoors is totally up to you and at Outbax we are happy to supply you with the right equipment so you can spend time being content and not worrying about the small things; like how you're going to charge your phone!

Where to buy 4WD solar panels?

When you are looking for a 4WD solar panel, the best place to find them is in an online store. While there are retailers that sell these, such as camping stores, and electronics stores, ordering them from Outbax means that you have access to our huge range of panels. We have specifically made camping solar panels, and solar blankets, which are all capable of charging a wide variety of batteries, including the 100Ah lithium battery. We have many items available that are all designed for the Australian conditions and can be used to help you live a sustainable life off the grid. For relaxing around the campfire or at home we have an assortment of UGG boots, or you can go full-on glamping with our inflatable spas and above ground pools.

Shopping online offers you a convenient solution to finding the products that you need. You can shop from any location that has a stable internet connection, and as we 're open 24/7 you can complete the order at any time. In fact, it 's perfect if you're working hard during the week and don 't have the time, or simply want to avoid the weekend crowds! Online shopping is also ideal for getting the best prices available and as we 'll ship it directly to your door. That means you won 't need to worry about driving anywhere to collect the panels, or worse going all the way there only to find they do not have what you need. In the Outbax store, we 'll show you if the products are in stock, or if they 're in a pre-order state.

After you choose the perfect 4WD solar panel, you can order it from our store, and then we 'll get busy packing it all up and sending it to our courier team. Most orders are shipped within 24 hours and they 'll arrive on your doorstep in as little as 3-7 days. We highly recommend that you choose the insurance options when ordering as this protects you from any potential damages caused by transportation; while we take excellent care when packing the order accidents can happen during shipping. When you receive your packages, we suggest that you check over and if you notice any damage, make a comment when signing for it, and then contact our team to get the insurance process started.

At Outbax, we are happy to support our customers and will make sure that you're happy with your purchases, all products come with a 12 months manufacturer's warranty is a minimum (three months if used in a commercial setting).

If you have never tried ordering online before, feel free to call us at 02 888 10 333 and ask questions about our products. We will be happy to assist you.

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