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1kVA Generator

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Big is not necessarily beautiful, and if you want a small but efficient generator for your next camping or caravan trip, a 1kVA generator could be the solution. They are handy to charge up batteries and also to run a few necessities or comforts, especially when you are far from the grid. One of the more popular types of 1kVA generators are inverter generators which run on petrol but make less noise and are generally more eco-friendly than a conventional fuel-powered generator.

This is because they throttle up and down according to the power needed and run on pure sine wave power. As well as supplying clean power, a 1kVA generator, whether using inverter technology or a battery-operated one, has the advantage of being less weight to shift around as well. Of course, a 1kVA generator 's dimensions are smaller as well, so they may be easier to store. However, the use of generators is restricted or forbidden in some areas, so whether you are looking for generators in Mackay or generators in Melbourne or wherever in Australia, get informed. What is good to know is that it is often a 1kVA generator that is the limit in some restricted areas.

What appliances can a 1kVA generator run?

First, it 's important to work out what 1kVA actually means. As a measure of power, kVA stands for kilovolt-ampere and represents apparent power which is real power. A 1kVA generator is 1000 volt-amps. A kW stands for kilowatt and represents the unit of real power - this is what can be drawn down from a circuit. If the current and voltage coincide in electrical transmission, the real power will be the same as apparent power, meaning a 1kVA generator will have a power rating of 1000 watts.

When looking at how many appliances a 1kva generator can run, you need to think about what you are going to plug into the unit. It basically boils down to the wattage rating of your particular brands of appliances. Before buying any generator, from a 1kva generator to a 2000w generator up to a big diesel-powered one, you need to check that your equipment can draw down the load it needs. Each appliance or device is going to be rated with a running wattage and a start-up wattage. Start-up watts are much higher than the wattage requirement to run the equipment continuously, so you need to make sure that the generator has the capacity to handle the start-up power as well. This is especially the case if you want to run more than one item at the same time. Just for a bit of an idea, charging a phone will use very few watts, but if you connect a microwave or a coffee machine, they will use quite a lot of your 1kVA power output. In fact, they may be too powerful in some cases, so as your generator will be small, it 's best to think small - lights, a little fridge, chargers and some tunes. The best advice is to check the wattage, and then you can be sure.

How long can I run a generator continuously?

Again, how long you can run your 1kVA generator continuously will depend on what you are using it for. You can estimate by working out the size of the tank and dividing it by the fuel consumption of the engine as well, but the load that is being drawn down is the key factor. How long you can run your 1kVA generator will also depend on some other considerations, such as noise and fumes. Although many generators are quiet these days, it's going to be a bit inconsiderate to run a generator for hours on end at a campsite - especially because they do give off fumes, including carbon monoxide.

As a safety note, although you may want to continue the running time of your generator by refuelling it, this must not be done when the generator is hot. You need to wait for the generator to cool down before you fill the tank. Also, if you are running it continuously, you are going to need to top up the oil. Maintaining your generator will help to extend its lifespan.

Where can I buy a 1kVA generator near me?

At Outbax, we have a wide range of quality generators available for you to browse and buy online. If you are looking for a lot of power, then check out some of our bigger generators. If you are looking for a super-compact, you can check out a small generator for camping or even the smallest generator we have available. We have marine generators and portable inverter generators as well.

And once you have placed your order, we have fast automated shipping to get your 1kVA generator or whatever type you have chosen out to you fast, so your adventure can begin. If you have questions or need some advice about any particular generator system, then get in touch, and we can help you out.

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