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12v Solar Panel Kits

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Installing a solar panel setup whether in your home or for camping can be complex. Luckily, solar panel kits are now available. These come in a set and the inclusions usually vary depending on your provider. Some shops offer solar panel kits complete with a battery, inverter, and accessories while others include the essential solar panel accessories only. When it comes to the outdoors, a lot of campers go for 12V solar panel kits, as this is the perfect voltage output to power most of their adventures. 

A 12V solar panel kit is ideal for those looking to power small off-grid systems like RVs or caravans, short campouts, and tiny cabins. They're great for newbies, saving them more time as they eliminate the guesswork on which solar panels are compatible with certain batteries or accessories. 

What Do I Need For a 12V Solar Panel System?

A fully functional solar power system should include a good set of solar panels, a solar charge controller, a battery, wiring and connectors, and of course, mounting hardware. As much as possible, try to look for a 12V solar panel kit with all these inclusions to make installation easier and faster for you. 

Solar panel kits don't usually include a battery so you will have to purchase this one separately. Preferably, opt for a lithium battery or LiFEPO4. This is the safest battery currently available in the market and is famous for its top-notch quality as well. Your solar panel, meanwhile, should be able to effectively supply your power requirements so how much wattage you will go for is entirely up to you. You could go for a 200W solar panel, a 350W solar panel, or even higher if you need it. Of course, you can't just connect a solar panel to a battery directly. You would need a solar charge controller for this, either an MPPT or PWM. There are lots of 12V solar panel kits that come with a regulator though, so you most likely won't need to buy one anymore.

How Big Of a Solar Panel Do I Need To Charge a 12V Battery?

If you have a 100Ah battery, charging it as 12V and 20 amps will take you about five hours to have it fully charged. If we take this 20 amps and multiply it by your battery's voltage, you would need a solar panel with at least 240W to completely top off your 12V battery. We recommend choosing something with a little bit higher watts than what you need too, in case of unfavourable weather conditions wherein you can't take much advantage of the sun. 

What Are the Best Solar Panel Kits Available?

For 2022, the Renogy Solar Panel Kit 100W topped the list of best solar panel kits for sale. Durable, easy to install, and compatible with multiple battery types, these off-grid solar kits are perfect for any RV owner. Though it does not include a battery and regulator, it's designed to withstand harsh weather conditions and can power small spaces like cabins, caravans, and even boats.

If you're on a budget, another solar kit you could try would be the Suner Power 50W. You can pair it with either almost all types of batteries, plus, it includes a water-resistant charge controller suitable for rainy seasons. Despite not having a wattage amount as big as other solar panels, this will be enough to charge your most essential things and get you moving. Those who want to have everything they need in one set, on the other hand, should check out the WindyNation 400W. It's one of the most popular choices for DIY solar power setups and is known for making reliable solar panels great for all kinds of outdoor adventures.

More from Outbax

Here at Outbax, you can also find some great prices for 12V solar panel kits. We even have different types of solar panels included in it in case you prefer a specific kind such as a flexible solar panel or folding solar panel that will make outstanding solar panels for RV. Our solar kits usually don't come with a battery, but we have a range of lithium batteries available on our website too so you can still easily get them. Not sure what battery is compatible with your solar panel kit? Don't worry, we have a team of experts to assist you with all your concerns. Outbax caters to all kinds of campers, so aside from batteries and solar panels, we have other power sources for sale too, like inverter generators and power stations. Shop now!

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