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200w Solar Panel

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Camping with even an inverter generator can be a hassle, particularly if you are trying to stay within a strict budget. After all, you would not want to spend time and money stopping to buy petrol for the genny right? Also, generators have always been a popular choice for camping enthusiasts but that seems to be changing. Generators require fuel, emit harmful fumes, and often require maintenance. Plus they can be extremely noisy disrupting the peace and tranquility for anyone near them. In fact generators are not allowed in national parks and even some caravan parks ban their use.

The solution is to get one or two of Maxray 200 watt camping solar panels from Outbax. With Monocrystalline solar cells, you will find that you can efficiently harness solar power, and you will have a solar panel system that can last for a lifetime. Which means you are getting a great value for your initial investment. And you will find a lot of benefits of using one for your camping trip.

It 's important to think about whether you need power when camping and we understand that it can be quite confusing with all the options now available. We suggest making a list of the appliances or gadgets that you will use during your camping trip and take note of the power required to run each of those gadgets or appliances. Then figure out how long you would use those gadgets throughout your camping trip. Once you have all that figured out, it is just a matter of getting the total wattage you need to power everything up and choosing a solar panel with enough power output to accommodate your needs.

When the sun 's out, connecting a solar panel to a camping battery is an efficient way to charge and power appliances and devices.

They can be mounted to your roof rack on top of your caravan, camper trailer, 4WD or boat or even positioned on the ground.

Apart from being environmentally friendly, using solar panels has many benefits:

Solar power is a renewable carbon neutral source of clean natural energy, making them environmentally friendly.

They are a silent source of power so you and your camping neighbours can continue to enjoy the tranquility while running your appliances.

Saves you money as it 's free power from the sun, there are also generally no maintenance costs and you can avoid fees for powered sites.

Using solar power can give you greater flexibility when camping as you can camp wherever you want without sacrificing using your appliances.

Solar panels are easy to use and a convenient solution to power. They are available in portable kits so you can take them camping with you and set them up easily.

Having a power source when you are in the middle of nowhere can help keep you safe. If you happened to get lost or there was an emergency, solar power will allow you to use a communication device to get help.

We are more than happy to help you work out your energy requirements and find the best solution for you. If you are buying a camping solar panel for the first time, it is normal to have a lot of questions about how they work, how to set them up and how you can effectively maintain them. No worries, our team of friendly camping experts are all ready to answer your questions and help you find the best camping solar panels that will fit both of your needs and budget. So give us a call today.

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