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12 Volt Lithium Battery

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A 12 volt lithium battery is the perfect energy solution for outdoor enthusiasts. This type of battery can easily power your outdoor appliances and equipment when going on rugged adventures without electricity.

Outbax has an exclusive range of lithium batteries with superior capability, longevity, and durability. Check out our entire online catalogue to learn more about our premium product line.

Lithium batteries offer numerous advantages over conventional lead-acid alternatives. Their suitability for outdoor use is well established because of their robust and lightweight construction. You can use them even on the hottest summer days with no worries. Moreover, they can be recharged using a solar panel system to give you a constant stream of power. They also require no maintenance and eliminate the risk of acid spills associated with lead-acid batteries.

Most recreational vehicles have integrated refrigerators that use gas or propane to keep your food and beverages cool. These appliances are quite inefficient, but you can connect them to a 12 volt lithium battery to save on your energy costs. It is a sustainable solution that can significantly reduce your reliance on other energy sources.

If you want to go camping or boating and still have access to your mobile devices, a 12 volt lithium battery can come in handy. It also has more than enough power to charge your laptop, tablet, or smartphone. It is even suitable for portable washing machines, allowing you to do your laundry while travelling.

Outbax offers a range of premium lithium batteries that are compatible with just about any excursion. They are the perfect companions for outdoor trips intended to give you a break from the hustle and bustle of the daily grind. Moreover, they are among the safest energy sources for powering your appliances - not nearly as volatile as gas nor as hazardous as lead-acid batteries.

Our lithium batteries are compact and have carry straps so that you can easily move them around your campervan or boat. So place an order today and start planning that weekend adventure with your family and friends!

What are 12 volt lithium batteries used for?

Lithium batteries are widely used for various applications:

  • Recreational vehicles: Most recreational vehicles have two batteries: one to start the engine, and another to power lights and appliances in the interior. You can use a lithium battery to run your appliances even when the engine is not running. It is essentially your lifeline if you plan to go camping with limited access to amenities.

  • Boats: The compact and lightweight construction of lithium batteries makes them ideal for boats. These batteries add an insignificant amount of weight to a boat, and they can easily fit in tight spaces.

  • Tiny homes: Lithium batteries are ideal solutions for people who want to live in small houses off the grid. They can be used to store the energy from a solar panel system and power lights and appliances in a tiny home.

In addition to the applications mentioned above, lithium batteries are also used to power emergency lighting equipment and other security systems. They are highly versatile devices that make excellent replacements for traditional lead-acid alternatives. Order a 12 volt lithium battery now!

How long does a 12 volt lithium battery last?

The endurance of lithium batteries depends on what appliances are drawing their power. You can calculate how much charge and discharge your equipment requires to determine how many batteries you need to power your system.

Outbax offers models equipped with integrated screens to indicate the amount of power remaining. This feature lets you check the status of the battery so you can determine if it 's enough power to get you through the night.

You also have the option to run lithium batteries in a series to boost their efficiency. Outbax has lithium batteries with cell-balancing properties. These models use onboard management systems to control charge and discharge rates and increase their overall longevity. You can expect to get at least seven years of service from these premium batteries before noticing a decrease in power availability.

Outbax guarantees that all our products have been tested under various conditions to prevent leaking and overheating. Order a 12 volt lithium battery today!

How to charge a 12 volt lithium battery?

Outbax offers lithium batteries that support both solar charge and main power charge. Make sure you only use chargers specifically designed for lithium batteries. If you prefer a solar charger, be sure to adjust the charging settings to lithium battery mode.

It is recommended that you charge a lithium battery after every use. Moreover, it is good practice to fully charge the battery since it supports a complete depth of charge and discharge. We have models that show a green light to indicate a full charge. If you do not use your lithium battery regularly, remember to charge it at least once every three months to keep it in top condition.

Do you need assistance with choosing the right lithium battery for your needs? Feel free to get in touch with our friendly customer service team to learn more about our offerings.

Call 02 888 10 333 and order a 12 volt lithium battery today!

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