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Spa Filter Cartridges

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Your inflatable spa 's main function is to sooth you with clean, hot water. The jets pump strong streams of water and air through the plumbing system to relieve muscle pain and give you the best spa experience. The key to the clean water that pumps through these jets is the inflatable spa filter system.

Inflatable spa filters come in a variety of sizes and styles. It 's important to know how to maintain your filter to the best experience. The filter stops and traps contaminants from entering the plumbing system of your inflatable spa, so if your filter is old, worn out, or dirty, it means your inflatable spa will not be the clean, healthy environment it should be.

If your inflatable spa filter is past its prime and worn out, it will not keep contaminants from clogging the plumbing and disturbing the chemical balance of the water. This leads to bacteria, excessive foam, bad smells, and other problems that can end up being expensive to fix.

How are Spa Filters made?

There are two different types of spa filters that are largely used in modern portable spa pools and swim spas: Paper or pleated spa pool filters and micron spa filters.

Pleated spa filters are the most common type of filters and are typically good for filtering out particulates 20 microns or larger. As the name suggests pleated filter cartridges are made from pleated filter material known as media.

Why is it pleated you might ask? The pleats dramatically increase the surface area of the spa filter which increases the efficiency and reduces the overall size requirement.

Micron spa filters are either used alone or in conjunction with pleated filters. Micron filters use a different "spun" style of filter media and typically are good to 5 microns so they are ideal for clarifying water.

The advantage of micron filters is that they save money by reducing the amount of spa chemicals required to maintain water clarity. As with everything not all filter media is made the same and the quickest way some manufactures cut costs is by lowering the quality of the filter media being used. Non factory authorized spa filters can be made from filter media that breaks down rapidly and does not clean out well causing it to become clogged an unusable much quicker than the higher quality spa filters.

How long will a Spa Filter last?

There are a number of variables that affect the life of your spa filter such as the amount your spa is used, and how the filter is maintained. Over a period of time your cartridge will gradually block up and will need replacing. Pleated filters should be cleaned; micron filters cannot be cleaned but need to be replaced every 3-6 months if the spa pool is being used regularly.

Some signs that your spa filter needs to be replaced are:

1. The spa water is not staying clear.
2. The cartridge gets blocked quickly, and you have to clean your cartridge more often.
3. Restricted water flow and high differential pressure (differential pressure is the difference between the pressure coming in and the pressure going out, caused by a blocked cartridge).
4. A cracked or damaged cartridge, which is very rare unless the filter has been plugged or there is an issue with the spa plumbing.

In a spa pool with very high use once a year is advisable but changing your filter at least every 18 months is considered a general rule depending on the maintenance regime.

Take away: 18 months is the general life of a spa filter. After that pump efficiency may be lowered and the risk of damage to the spa is a possibility.

How do I maintain my spa filter?

It is vital your filter cartridge is maintained correctly to maximize its life and usefulness. The life of a filter cartridge depends on how you treat it. Filters need to be cleaned and how often depends on how often you use your spa. We advise that you clean your filter at least every two months.

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