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A swimming pool cover is one of those items that you may try to resist buying for your pool, but which you are almost certainly going to need eventually.

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A swimming pool cover is one of those items that you may try to resist buying for your pool, but which you are almost certainly going to need eventually.

So what are just five of the reasons to purchase one, whether or not you do so from us here at Outbax?

Reduced evaporation

The process in which liquid turns into vapour is one that occurs for as long as you leave your pool uncovered. Nor is it just a case of losing water - if the water level falls below the height of the skimmers as a result of evaporation and your pumps suck in air, damage will quickly be caused to them. A swimming pool cover could be all that you need to prevent this from happening.

Lower leaf load

Leaves can be a menace for your pool, but not so much if you have a swimming pool cover. After all, with a cover, they will simply land on the surface of the cover, remain dry and possibly be blown away. A lower amount of leaves in the actual pool also saves you from needing to empty the leaf collector on your automatic cleaner quite so often.

Reduced chlorine consumption

With chlorine being such an important water sanitizer, you will want to be able to save as much of yours as possible. However, the fact that it degrades under UV light means you may need to consume more of it than you would like. Again, a swimming pool cover can be invaluable here in saving you both time and money on the purchase and usage of chlorine.

Greater heat retention

If you 've ever found yourself shivering in a rather colder pool than you 'd expected, you 'll know just how important warm swimming pool water really is.

Rather than allowing your warm pool water to lose its temperature overnight, why not invest in a pool cover that will enable it to retain enough heat to possibly be OK to swim in the next day without the need for it to be warmed up further?

Less maintenance

While some of us may enjoy vacuuming our swimming pools or undertaking various other maintenance tasks, many others among us would rather be able to devote our time to other things. The reduced need for such maintenance tasks is just one more reason to purchase a swimming pool cover.

More reasons to get swimming pool covers:

Swimming pools lose energy in a variety of ways, but evaporation is by far the largest culprit. Evaporating water requires tremendous amounts of energy. The evaporation rate from an outdoor pool varies depending on the pool 's water temperature, surrounding air temperature and humidity, and the wind speed at the pool surface. The higher the pool temperature and wind speed, and the lower the humidity, the greater the evaporation rate.

In addition to offering energy savings, solar pool covers also provide the following:

Conserve water by reducing the amount of make-up water needed by 30 to 50 per cent; and reduce the pool 's chemical consumption by 35 to 60 per cent. If the new pool owner knew they could save upwards of 90 per cent on their heating costs by covering their pool every evening, their decision would be an easy one.

Pool covers also help reduce algae growth. If they are solid and not translucent, pool covers can also reduce algae growth in your pool. They block the sunlight that encourages algae growth. If you closed your pool with this type of cover and the pool was chemically balanced properly and clear of all leaves and other debris, you will have a better chance of the pool being clean when you open it next season.

One of the most important benefits of safety pool covers is their potential to prevent accidents. They are a necessity for pool owners with small children or pets. Safety covers are made from solid vinyl or woven mesh material. They are made to be pulled tightly across the pool and secured using straps that attach to anchors installed around the pool 's perimeter.

Pool covers can keep children and pets out of the water if either are left unattended near the pool. This is why safety pool covers are recommended over standard covers. Safety pool covers can help you avoid a worst case scenario, making it well worth the investment.

Lastly, using pool covers is a great way to give your pool a more tailored look. The taut and clean looking safety covers simply look better than the standard covers than can look unkempt and clumsy.

All of our Swimming Pool Covers are made from quality materials that are guaranteed to be safe, comfortable and will last for a long time.

If you have never tried ordering Swimming Pool Covers online before, feel f ree to call us at 02 888 10 333 and ask questions about our products. We will be happy to assist you.