Top 10 Reasons a Family Must Have a Portable Generator When Camping

Top 10 Reasons a Family Must Have a Portable Generator When Camping

To say that Australians enjoy camping is an understatement. Most people would tell you that camping is one of the best activities that you can do if you want to unwind and give yourself a break from your busy life in the city. It is understandable that many love this activity because Australia has some of the most amazing reserves and state parks that are also popular camping destinations.

There are those who like a quick getaway and just spend a night outdoors, but for many, camping is a multi-day activity with friends or family. Of course, it is even more popular now because it has come a long way from what it used to be a caveman-like adventure devoid of any comfort. Now, everything that people enjoy in their homes can be replicated in the great outdoors somehow.

If you have the best camping gear, you will surely have a fun, comfy, and memorable experience. Among the assortment of camping equipment that you can invest in, portable generators are probably one of the most important.

It is true that there are people who think using a generator beats the whole purpose of going camping, but if you are being realistic, you know having one is really going to make a big difference. This is especially true if you are going camping with your family, including your kids. Camping generators can change the way you do camping in the best way possible. Note that the type of generators discussed here is not the ancient dinosaur of a machine that you are probably used to. It is no longer that huge engine that makes so much noise that your kids would prefer to have it shut off.

The type of generator you need is compact, easy to use, convenient to carry wherever you need to go, and most importantly, super quiet. One example is the Gentrax 3.5KW Remote Start Pure Sine Wave Petrol Inverter Camping Generator which has the highest ratings from campers who have already used it. If you are still wondering whether you should get a portable generator, here are some excellent reasons camping generators are considered a necessity when you go camping with your family.

1. Sleep would be much more comfortable

No one can argue that looking at the stars in the sky above you whilst you listen to the relaxing sound of nature is probably one of the most relaxing ways to fall asleep. You have to admit, though, that even with all that, it is going to be hard to fall asleep if you are sweating like you are in an oven.

When you go camping and the weather is a little too hot, you are going to appreciate the cooling breeze from a portable fan. Those fans are rechargeable, but they can last for only a few hours. If you are camping for more than one night, you are definitely going to need a camping generator.

2. Play your favourite tunes for as long as you want

Sometimes, things can get a little too quiet when you are away from the city. It would not hurt to have access to your playlist when you feel like you need music to keep the good vibes going. It is more fun to do all the activities you have planned for your family when you have music playing in the background.

With a portable generator, you can power your speakers as long as you want. Just remember to be mindful of any neighbours you might have or the rules of the campsite, if there are any.

3. Say goodbye to bug bites

One of the very few things that make people think twice about going on a camping trip is the thought of having mosquitoes or other bugs bite you or your kids in the forest.

If you have a portable generator, you can take your electric bug zapper with you when you go camping, and you would not have to worry about having sleepless nights trying to swat those mosquitos. You can have a more fun time when you do not have to worry about things like this. Read more tips on how to keep insects away here.

4. Enjoy a well-lit campsite

Many will say that part of the charm of camping is the natural light. It is bright and beautiful during daytime and at night, and you have a good view of the moon and the stars. However, if you think about how you have to move around and do things like cook and clean up, you would surely appreciate having a generator to power one or more light bulbs or lamps. Kids also tend to feel safer and more comfortable when there's enough light at night.

5. You can prepare food easily

It can be exciting to use an open fire to roast meat and hot-dogs or cook freshly caught fish, but imagine that you are really hungry or your kids are asking you every so often if there's something they can eat.

Surely, it would be much easier if you have a portable electric stove that you can connect to a camping generator so you can whip up good food in minutes. You can prepare a meal anytime when you do not feel like cooking using an open fire.

6. It gives your gadgets enough juice

Can you picture going through a day or more without your smartphone? Very few people can. Whilst it is completely healthy to set aside your phone for a while and get your eyes and thumb the rest they need, it is just smart to make sure that if needed, your smartphone would have enough battery to make a call or send messages. Your camera is another gadget that you want recharged all the time. It would be such a shame if you missed taking shots of fun moments or the beautiful scenery around you just because your camera ran out of batteries, right? With a camping generator, you can top up the batteries of all your gadgets.

7. Have a quick cup of coffee

If you are like most people, your day probably does not start until you have your morning coffee. Many cannot function properly unless they have a sip of their favourite hot beverage. That may be more than enough reason to get yourself a modern generator like the Gentrax 800W Pure Sine Wave which is a compact generator that is powerful enough to get your coffee maker working as soon as you get up. You get to enjoy your coffee as you witness the beauty of nature unfold every morning. If you're not a big coffee drinker, don't worry. Your juicer or blender would also work just as wonderfully with a generator.

8. You can transform the campsite into an outdoor theatre

Whether you are thinking of playing some good, old family-friendly movies for your kids or you are planning to have a romantic camping trip with your partner to recreate your first-ever date, an outdoor movie theatre is always an excellent idea. If you already have a projector, then all you need is a camping generator to power it up. Make sure your generator is not only powerful but also runs quietly. Once you have those, all you need to do is hang a plain sheet between the trees and have some snacks ready for a fun-filled film night.

9. It allows you to enjoy glamping

Perhaps you are thinking about saying goodbye to traditional camping, and you are considering glamping. It is what everyone is talking about these days, and you want to experience it yourself. It is like having the best of both worlds you are still one with nature but at the same time, you are enjoying comfy and even luxurious perks like lying in an air bed instead of the floor, or enjoying a nice warm bath in an inflatable spa under the stars. You can bring anything that you think would turn camping into a luxurious experience, and know that a portable generator can make it all possible.

10. Be ready for any emergency

No one wants to think about having to face an emergency when they are headed out to have a great weekend at a camping site. The thing is, accidents are called such for a reason no one can anticipate them. It does not mean you should not be prepared if you find yourself in such a situation. Whether you need to have your phone recharged so you can contact somebody, or you need good lighting to help someone or give someone a first aid treatment, having sufficient power source is really important.

Camping generators can make a huge difference in such situations. Australians will always love camping. It is one activity that can give anyone a much needed break from the buzz of the city the traffic, the noise, hours spent on technology, and more. This does not mean you should not make the experience as comfortable as you possibly can.

Having a portable camping generator can help ensure that you and your family will have a truly enjoyable camping trip. There is nothing wrong with wanting to enjoy the relaxing ambience of the great outdoors whilst still being able to sleep well, having good coffee in the morning, or using any tool or gadget that you need. Do not listen to anyone who tells you campers do not need generators. They are a necessity nowadays, especially if you plan to camp out for a long time. Just remember that not all camping destinations allow the use of generators, so be sure to do your homework and check in advance.

There are a lot of reserves and state parks that do allow the use of generators, including Bunyip State Park, Lake Hindmarsh Reserve, and Upper Yarra Reservoir Park. Murray River Reserves allow them as long as you have a fire extinguisher or at least a container with 20 litres of water next to it.

The Gippsland Lakes Coastal Park would let you use one as long as it does not make any noise that could bother other people on the site. Australians do know how to plan a good camping trip. You probably do, too. You spend a good hour or so finding the best campsite near you and the best time for you to go.

Once you have decided on those things, the next thing that you should do is make sure that you are equipped with the highest quality camping gear. You can find all you need from Outbax. Feel free to browse through our site!

Shopping made easy

You may have a very busy life with work and taking care of your family. You do not think you have the time to find a generator that meets your needs. Well, you would be happy to know that you do not have to drive anywhere to get your portable generator.

Outbax has a number of camping generators from Gentrax that you can choose from. They come in various sizes and power, so whether you prefer camping solo or you enjoy this outdoor activity with your family, you will find one that suits your needs or preferences. All the portable generators sold in the site have a 4-stroke engine and are quiet, so you can enjoy a good night's sleep without any distracting noise.

Unlike the bulky generators of the past, Gentrax generators are very lightweight, so carrying them around will not be a problem. All models are built for outdoor use and come with warranty. If you are not sure what size you need, you can check out this Generator Buying Guide which should provide you with the information that you need so you can make a good purchase. You can also learn what you should and shouldn't do when you are using your generator in this article.

What are you waiting for? Order your portable generator today from Outbax and have it delivered right to your doorstep. Plan your next camping trip confidently with a Gentrax generator.

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