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10 Must Have Summer Camping Gear in Australia

10 Must Have Summer Camping Gear in Australia

Australia offers beautiful landscapes, challenging trails, and stunning beaches that will make your camping experience a memorable one. How was your last camping trip? Were you able to achieve all the things you set out to do? If you did enjoy it, it's time to think about your next camping trip and make the experience even more exciting with the right camping gear.

Summer camping in Australia is something you might want to do not only once but multiple times in your lifetime. Summertime here falls in the months of December, January, and February. Other than summer Christmas, Australia is known for summer camping. Camping in the country is associated with thriving wildlife, beautiful coastlines, vast landscapes, lush rainforests, starry night skies, and more natural wonders. When you get time to spend with nature, most people would say, you'll want nothing more. This is if you make the best out of your summer camping trip by being prepared and well equipped.

What to prepare?

First, you need to set a date for camping, then decide where to go. You can invite your family and friends if you want to make it a bonding moment. Finding a camping site in the sixth largest country in the world is easy. There are more than a hundred camping sites all over the states and territories of Australia. You just need to choose one or two, depending on your location and the length of your holiday. It is best to determine the weather before and during the trip, even if it's summer. The weather changes quite quickly in the country. What you need to worry about is rain, excessive heat, and wildfires. Check the news and MyFireWatch for climate updates and fire advisory, respectively. Aside from the usual camping equipment like tent, canopy, sleeping bag or air bed, and cooking tools, you'll need cool and life-saving gear for summer camping. If you have no idea what these items are, here's a list of must have camping gear for summer camping in Australia.

1. Solar Heated Portable Shower

When people say, you should embrace nature, it does not mean you cannot take a bath during the entire camping trip. Remember that it's summer,which means you will be exposed to the sun constantly and sweat a lot. A good shower can be a good relief from the heat as it reduces stress, boosts alertness, speeds up muscle soreness, and keeps you clean which may help you sleep better at night. Having a shower in the wild does not mean you have to soak in any body of water you see along the way. You can bring your own shower. A portable shower these days cost only $24 to $30 apiece. These solar heated showers are able to carry over 20 litres of water and are easy to use and carry around. You can bring one for the entire family or each member can carry one. Having a portable shower takes care of half of your hygiene problem.

2. Camping generator

A camping or portable generator is more reliable than you think. Most people would not opt for a small generator because of the common misconception that it packs minimal supply. That is not the case anymore, as inverter generators these days are able to provide five hours of running time even on economy mode. Some people might be against the idea of bringing a generator to a camping trip. You might hear the words, It's not camping if you have electricity. It is not wrong to have electric supply in the middle of a campsite. In fact, it's advisable. A generator will come in handy in times of emergencies. Just make sure it is easy to pack and carry, with built-in wheels for transportation. Likewise, choose a generator with pure sine wave and that is eco-friendly and easy to operate.

3. Portable solar panel

If you need power just to recharge small devices, why not opt for portable solar panels? They're easier to carry and are affordable. They tap the power of the sun to offer reliable power supply. Another reason to buy this gear is that sunlight penetrates the cloud more during summer. This means you can efficiently harvest photovoltaic energy.

Portable panels are taking over the camping scene in Australia. You'll see campers bringing these window-like things that are actually solar panels. They are particularly useful in remote locations which are not reached by electricity from the grid. Modern solar panels are also durable. They come in handy not only for camping but also for other outdoor activities such as parties and games.

4. Air compressor

Most campers and adventure seekers in Australia bring cars. Instead of the hassle of carrying everything on your back, it is best to bring a vehicle with you so that you can carry more gear and equipment. If it is going to be a long trip, you might want to check if your tires are still in good condition. Make sure that all of them are properly inflated and that you have a spare tire if one gets punctured. If a tire loses air, you would need an air compressor. It can also be used to inflate your air bed and inflatable toys if they do not have built-in pumps.

5. Portable fire pit

Australian nights can be cold even during summer, especially in a lush rainforest. Starting a campfire seems to be an exciting thing to do, but if you want an easier and safer alternative, why not bring a portable fire pit? A portable fire pit is easy to carry and easy to ignite. You'll have heat in your campsite at any time. Some people even cook food with it using the grill plate. However, the main job of this pit is to warm you up, not to cook your dinner. It is best to choose one with coated steel frame and sturdy legs.

6. LED lights

Multi-purpose LED light bars are perfect when your vehicle navigates the dark woods to your campsite. These lights generally shine brighter whilst requiring less power. LED lights are easy to install on your car and are protected from overheating. After being on the road, you can set these lights around the campsite to get rid of bugs flying around. If insects hate the standard light, then an LED light will make them fly away. Modern LED lights are built to last longer. You would also need light whilst hiking, walking in dark areas, or exploring a cave. Instead of carrying a flashlight around, why not use a headlamp that you can place on your head? It's a light sans the hassle. Proper lighting is important for the night. Headlamps these days come with different lighting modes you can choose from. Most of them come with technology that can detect motion and will automatically switch to the preferred mode of the camper or traveller. They also look awesome and are cool to wear. Make sure to buy one with a good grip or that you can easily tie around your head. Test if it will rest comfortably on your head for the entire journey.

7. Portable water filter

If circumstances force you to stay longer than you expected, you might run out of water supply. It is best to have a water filter so that your source of water becomes extensive, and you don't have to rush to the nearest convenience store which could be miles away. In camping and hiking, you need to keep your whistle wet. You can't afford to be dehydrated and exhausted simply because you have nothing to drink. Most filters are able to carry four to six litres of ready to drink water and are pump-free. Choose a quality water filter, one that will surely sanitise the water you find along the trail. Some campers actually don't bring water supply at all and just rely on water filters throughout their camping trip.

8. Multi-tools

Instead of bringing a bunch of metallic tools like can openers, scissors, pliers, and wire cutters, why not bring multi-tools? Believe it or not, there are multi-tools that have 15 to 18 built-in instruments. It is a powerful gear that you can carry around or place inside your backpack. A multi-tool will make your life easier as it comes in handy when facing threats or emergencies. It is not only about expecting danger, but more about preparing for emergency just in case it presents itself. An important reminder, don't let kids play with multi-tools. If you want to teach them a thing or two, make sure they are well supervised.

9. Shade sails

Your tent might do the work, but can it go overtime? A shade sail canopy can shade up to 95 percent UV light when you're camping under the summer weather. Shade sails are weather-resistant, which means these items can withstand extreme heat, strong winds, and even heavy rain. It is always important to have a shade to protect your body when the sun is up and scorches the ground. A shade sail is also easy to set up. All its sides are webbed together with high-grade material to avoid rips and damages.

10. First aid kit

This one is mandatory. Summertime presents great camping opportunities in Australia, but it is also when wild animals go out in search of water to escape the severe heat. You may encounter snakes and other reptiles in the wild. Fortunately, most campsites in Australia are well maintained, with trash properly segregated, piles of wood cleaned-up, and rodents and pests taken care of. These factors help campers avoid snakes which are not drawn to campsites. To avoid an encounter, a snake repellent is a useful kit. Your first aid kit should also include medicines such as aspirin, paracetamol, antacid, antidiarrheal, antihistamine and antiseptic as well as bandage, adhesive tape, sterile gauze dressings, sterile eye dressings, skin rash cream, cotton balls, thermometer, alcohol, scissors, and safety pins. There are so many more gear and tools to choose from, so don't limit yourself to this list. As a guide, think of your sleeping arrangement because you and your family don't have to squeeze in together in one tent. Give yourself and the kids space in the tent to really enjoy what camping has to offer. A camping mattress comes to mind or maybe a comfy sleeping bag that can cover your entire body. If you want more activities, you can even get one of those portable soccer goals that you can set up in the middle of the forest where your kids can enjoy playing.

What camping is all about

Camping, for most people, is an outdoor activity that allows you to enjoy nature at its purest form. In Australia, camping is more than that, as it is a part of life. With vast landscapes and long stretches of woods, Australia is a haven for campers. This is why campers from all over the globe fly out just to experience what Australia has to offer. One hot camping tourist spot in Australia is the Uluru Rock in the Northern Territory which has become a majestic symbol of camping. These days, you can buy most camping tools from stores all over the country. This is why it is important that you choose from the best shops. You need quality and affordable camping gear. Fortunately, camping gear in Australia are affordable and dependable. If you're choosing a dealer for a portable generator, you can choose one that offers warranty, giving you the assurance that you are making a wise investment decision.

Outbax is the right dealer

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