Going Camping? Here Are The Top 5 Solar Blankets To Bring

Going Camping? Here Are The Top 5 Solar Blankets To Bring

Going Camping? Here Are The Top 5 Solar Blankets To Bring

Taking advantage of renewable energy from the sun is one of the best ways to save up on power. This is especially true for camping whether on a public campground or off-grid in your RV. Pack a good set of solar panels with an equally reliable solar battery and you can go just about anywhere.

Speaking of solar energy, another booming source of it would be solar blankets. These have the same function as regular fixed solar panels but are very different in structure. While the former is rigid, these solar blankets or solar mats are under the foldable solar panels category and are extremely portable, perfect for taking on outdoor adventures.

They are even sometimes confused with solar pool covers as these use the same terminology as welleither solar pool cover roller or solar pool blanket!

Are Solar Blankets Any Good?

Yes! Just like all solar panel types, they work best during sunny days so make sure you consider the weather conditions before deciding to use if for camping. They're also better suited as RV solar panels for avid campers who are always on the go.

These are your best pick if you are concerned about weight and space inside your vehicle. You can simply hang them from your awning or even drape them over your windshield during stopovers. They fold up into a compact form once you're done, so you can easily squeeze them in any area too.

Of course, the overall quality of your solar panels still depends on a lot of other factors including brand, efficiency rate, service life, and more. Currently, some of the most popular solar mat brands would be Kings solar blankets and Redarc solar blankets, along with other providers both online and in-store.

Top 5 Solar Blankets For Camping

Sunman Portable Solar Blanket

This solar blanket's main win is on durability. Made from a patented composite material similar to those used on aeroplanes, it's sturdier than most solar blankets in the market which is advantageous for long-term use and delivers an output similar to that of high-grade building solar panels. Backed with a 5-year warranty, pair this with a LiFePO4 battery and you've got one of the most long-lasting power duos for all your outdoor trips.

EvaKool Ultralight Solar Blanket

Particular about portability? The EvaKool Solar Blanket is perfect for you with its easy-to-pack-up form and extra-durable construction. It's an ETFE solar panel, which means it can withstand environmental elements and can be used over a broad temperature range. Shatterproof with A-grade solar cells, this one is definitely made for outdoor adventures whether it's tent-camping, hiking, or caravanning.

Enerdrive Solar Blanket

Enerdrive is well-known for its wide array of portable power sources, including solar blankets. They're under the folding solar panels section and are available in 120w, 160w, and 240w. The standout feature of Enerdrive solar mats lies in their materials, which help reduce micro-fractures for long-lasting use.

These solar mats also boast heavy-duty stitching and foldout legs for better angling towards the sun. It comes with a convenient carry bag too, packed with more accessories including a cable, battery leads, and alligator clips. If you're after a 200W solar blanket, this is a great option for you.

Korr Solar Blanket

Going solar is an investment too, so you naturally want your essentials to last you for a good number of years. The Korr Solar Blanket boasts a "croc skin" cell armour that provides a protective barrier against high temperatures to prevent deterioration for a longer lifespan and better efficiency.

Set it up in under 2 minutes without any tools and you get a reliable power source with a detachable, waterproof controller and a carry bag full of solar blanket accessories.

Engel Solar Blanket

The Engel Solar Blanket is just what you need for off grid camping. This solar mat works even in low-light settings and works with any device that has a USB port. Versatile, portable, and efficient, you can even plug this directly if you have an Engel camping fridge!

Made with adventurer's convenience in mind, this solar blanket is also ideal for hiking or backpacking trips and comes with a solar charge controller for easy connection with your battery pack.

How Much Are Solar Blankets?

It's safe to say that solar blankets are not on the expensive side unless you're buying multiple sets. A decent one starts at around $200 which goes up depending on the brand, how big it is, and what other features it has. A 300W solar blanket would probably be around $300 as well or even higher if it has included accessories or comes in a bundle with a battery.

If you are indeed after more than one solar blanket and want to cut down on cost, resist the urge to buy cheaper solar blankets. These have a risk of poor construction due to cheap components and equally inferior performance. You could end up with damaged cells and low output, plus hard-to-reach after-sales service that will leave you with more expenses instead of the other way around.

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